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shutterstock_165776990webThe four-quadrant theory of personality has been around since the days of Hippocrates. More recently, the famous psychologist Carl Jung’s research led to the development of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI. Another popular personality assessment is DISC, and there are many more.

Can you use a personality assessment to help you in your business by selling more memberships? The answer is yes, and it can be extremely revealing.

You will not be able to get away with having a prospective member sit down and take an assessment. That may come across as intrusive. However, what you can do is profile them, and not in the bad way. Instead, utilize the kind of profiling that helps you figure out which one of the four quadrants is their primary quadrant. Are they an energizer, organizer, analyzer or harmonizer?


These are people who are often wearing athletic clothes that may not be color coordinated. They are also people who likely seem impatient, but are also outgoing. The key to getting an energizer to buy a membership is to emphasize the variety of equipment and programs your club offers, and make them feel like they are getting a deal. Don’t lie, just say things like, “If we get you started today, you will receive a free smoothie, gym bag, etc.”

How to spot an energizer: Look for mismatched clothes, messy hair and an impatient attitude.

How to sell to an energizer: Emphasize variety, give a quick tour and make them feel like they’ll get a deal.


These are the people who are almost always color coordinated and are very polished, whether they are wearing a business suit or workout clothes. Organizers like to know many details about the gym membership process. The key to getting an organizer to buy is to explain what you plan to show them, tour the club in that order and emphasize the programs and plans that you offer members.

How to spot an organizer: Look for matched clothing and jewelry, a lot of grey and black colors and a neat haircut.

How to sell to an organizer: Explain details, talk about the programs you offer and don’t joke around.


These are people who are often times wearing bright colors, and a lot of different colors. They usually have a big smile on their face and are very friendly. These people are mainly concerned with what the people who work and workout there are like. They love people, so choosing a gym where they can have positive social encounters is important. The key to getting a harmonizer to buy is to emphasize the positive social culture of the gym, and to make them feel like they will be “taken care of” at the club.

How to spot a harmonizer: Look for bright-colored clothing and a smiling, friendly, engaging personality.

How to sell to a harmonizer: Focus on the positive members and staff, and make the prospective members feel like they are in good hands if they join your gym.


These are the people who are the most cautious and ask the most questions. They are the people who say things like, “I need some more information.” Look for technology on their person and uncoordinated clothing. The key to getting an analyzer to buy is to emphasize the competency of the gym from the state-of-the-art equipment to the advanced degrees of the coaches and trainers. Don’t expect too many analyzers to join on the first visit.

How to spot an analyzer: Look for mismatched clothing, technology on their person and many questions asked seeking “information.”

How to sell to an analyzer: Focus on the competency of the staff, the high quality of the equipment and don’t push them to make a decision today.

Take these personalities into consideration when deciding what selling techniques to utilize, and good luck.


Jason Linse is president and founder of The Business of Fitness, a consulting company. He also owns a personality assessment tool you can find at www.personalityandfitness.com. E-mail him at jason@jasonlinse.com.

Jason Linse

Jason Linse is president and founder of The Business of Fitness, a consulting company. He also owns a personality assessment company called People Plus+ Fitness. Contact him at jason@jasonlinse.com or 612-310-1319 for resources on scheduling more tours and personality assessments, or visit www.jasonlinse.com.

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