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Help Your Business Grow With Turn-key Marketing

Turn-key Marketing

When it comes to using turn-key marketing materials, your CMS can make life easier, as well as help your business grow economically.

Bryan Smith, the marketing manager of ABC Financial, said ABC Financial offers high-quality, customizable products and services that are known for easy implementation. “We specialize in both automated and one-time print and e-mail marketing services to meet the needs of our clients,” he said. “Club owners would be surprised to know that all aspects of the products and services, right down to the quality of material, reporting and pricing, is not just comparable, but exceeds — in most cases — our competitor’s abilities and club’s expectations.”

One of those clients is Gold’s Gym of Central Florida. Susan Adams, the area operations director, said ABC Financial is essential to the club’s turn-key marketing and its timely production. “Without them, we would not be able to turn out things on a dime,” she said.

According to Adams, ABC Financial has allowed the process of implementing turn-key marketing materials to be easy and economical, meaning constant and continued communication with the members at Gold’s Gym.

Adams explained they use various products: direct mailers, free club passes, “12 days of Christmas” postcards, key cards and more — all of which are easily made via ABC Financial’s CMS. “For the most part, we have used these since we have been with ABC Financial,” she said. “ABC Financial has always dropped everything to create, repair and redirect [in order] to help us constantly acquire and maintain members.”

Smith said ABC Financial works hard to make the process as easy as possible for its clients. “As a software and payment processing company, the marketing that we provide adds great value because it can be billed directly to a club’s account for ease,” he said. “We deliver marketing products and services with the same set of values and integrity as the rest of our business. We develop and deliver solutions our industry needs, and we strive to create raving fans along the way. We pride ourselves on being the industry leader in customer service and member management solutions.”

The benefits of using CMS for turn-key marketing materials at Gold’s Gym include consistency, communication and a call to action geared toward the club’s members. Adams noted marketing tools like direct mail that have a consistent message and look make a difference in the effectiveness of the materials. “Because we are always using a clear and concise product repeatedly … we all know [that] is the best way to advertise,” she said.

Ask your CMS provider if turn-key marketing products are available, as they are a great tool for marketing your club in an easy and effective way


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