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Healthworks Fitness Centers’ Sales Team Embraces InTouch Follow-Up

Kathy Arena, the senior membership director for Healthworks Fitness Centers.

Kathy Arena, the senior membership director for Healthworks Fitness Centers.

Healthworks Fitness Centers first discovered InTouch Follow-Up at an IHRSA convention trade show. According to Kathy Arena, the senior membership director, the company did not have a sales management system in place. As a result, to fulfill that need, Healthworks partnered with InTouch to install InTouch Follow-Up in its club, and hasn’t looked back.

CS: What do you think of InTouch Follow-Up and how does it benefit your business?

KA: We have been using InTouch Follow-Up at our four clubs for three years now and I find it to be a great tool for following up with both prospects and new members. Since InTouch Follow-Up schedules automatic emails and phone calls for each prospect after we have captured their contact information, we can be certain that we are connecting with every lead.

CS: How has InTouch Follow-Up aided your staff?

KA: Through InTouch Follow-Up, each advisor has an agenda for the day. If for any reason they are unable to complete any of those items they go into “Overdue Tasks.” The membership advisor knows when they come in the next day that these calls are a top priority to complete.

From a management standpoint, it shows me how many days late the call or task is so I can keep our team on track. Because InTouch Follow-Up also schedules follow-up calls to our new members, we are able to make sure that the integration process is going well and that the new member is enjoying their experience. This has definitely helped with improving our retention. It also provides an opportunity to generate referral leads by inviting our new members to bring in their friends and co-workers on a regular basis. Overall, it is very user friendly and keeps each team member organized.

CS: What are some of the benefits of using the InTouch Welcome Kiosk in your clubs?

KA: The Welcome Kiosk is a great vehicle for capturing each guest’s information and delivering it as a new lead or recognizing that they are already in our system and have arrived for an appointment. We can also customize questions that we would like to ask each guest before one of our membership advisors meets with them. We can look at the trends in the answers to these questions, which can become effective coaching points. It supports us in being green since we used paper prior to getting the Kiosks in our clubs.

CS: What challenges does InTouch Follow-Up solve, that you struggled with before?

KA: One of the best features InTouch Follow-Up has is the live reports. These are extremely helpful in tracking both the team and individual sales performance. I can easily see how many calls each advisor has made, what their walk in, first visit and total closing percentages are, how many appointments they have booked, their show rate for those appointments and of course, how many sales they have made. Accessing this data makes it so much easier to see areas of strength to acknowledge and areas of weakness where coaching or additional training is most needed.

From a marketing perspective we can look at the lead reports, which show us which of our lead sources are most effective at generating new prospects based on the conversion rates. The web lead forms have been extremely helpful. In the past the marketing team would have to send the leads to the sales team based on what the prospect filled out in the form. Now with InTouch Follow-Up the leads automatically populate directly into the system.

CS: Was there anything about working with InTouch that pleasantly surprised you?

KA: I have been very happy that our membership team has embraced InTouch Follow-Up and appreciates how it helps them to maximize all of our opportunities, while keeping them organized on a daily basis. I also appreciate that InTouch Follow-Up introduces new features. One of my favorites has been the ability for us to send mass text messages to our prospects. We have received great response sending a short message just before a special offer is about to end or to support closing out the month. Also, I like the daily sales summary that InTouch Follow-Up emails each night, which gives us a snapshot of our results from that day and lets us know how many appointments we have set up for the next day and the week ahead.


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Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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