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Personal Training: The GPS of the Fitness World


shutterstock_113749420We are not car salesmen however acquiring new personal training clients takes sales skills. Below is a guide to establishing sales strategies your personal trainers could use to boost revenue. After all, no member should be denied the opportunity to understand the significance of investing in a qualified exercise professional to lead their fitness journey.

Navigating a car has become relatively easier with the invention of the GPS from devices such as Garmin, TomTom and DragonPad. These and other “road mates” provide a service that most drivers rely on regularly. As a valuable resource for driving from point A to point B, this product has become a key necessity when buying and operating a vehicle. How do the features of a GPS relate to personal training? Personal trainers create the fitness roadmap specific to an individual’s destination or goals, successfully.

GPS: Reduces the fear of getting lost in an unfamiliar area.

Personal Training: A reoccurring feeling by potential clients is that they find particular areas of the gym intimidating. Clubs should be proactive in eliminating this anxiety. Personal trainers should act as tour guides promoting the endless resources the gym has to offer. TRX, BOSU, medicine balls, kettlebells, cables and more can be seen as off limits or guarded by “caution tape” or a “road block” in the eyes of the amateur athlete. Holding monthly equipment demos is a great way to engage the treadmill walkers and Group X goers. These demos not only make training less intimidating, but it gives trainers the opportunity to make phone calls and build relationships, which should lead to more training.

GPS: Arrive at your destination in the quickest way possible.

Personal Training: No one wants to take the scenic route to weight loss. We want to see results immediately. Walking the same speed on the treadmill, which happens all too often, not only gets boring, but will no longer reveal results. Personal trainers should use their positive energy, motivation and drive to inspire individuals to increase the intensity and kick up the heat in a workout. There should be a confidence that your trainers will yield results in as quickly as four to eight weeks.

GPS: Helps with driver safety via voice command.

Personal Training: Providing safe and effective exercise programs are principal responsibilities of personal trainers. Often times, barriers such as chronic back pain, which can be debilitating, will deter clients from stepping outside their comfort zone. Explaining the benefits of building strength (i.e. decreasing chronic pain by strengthening weak counterparts) is critical to overcoming these barriers and, if done properly, should enhance the desire for a potential client to invest in a trainer who can ease their pain. Properly marketing your trainer’s certifications, degrees and specialties adds a level of comfort to clients and potential clients.


Lauren Pecora is a personal training director at Meridian Fitness & Wellness in Brick, New Jersey. 

Lauren Pecora

Lauren Pecora is a personal training director at Meridian Fitness & Wellness in Brick, New Jersey.

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