How to Handle Corporate Outreach

In any given week, I probably talk to at least 25 gym owners. Some are clients and some are potential clients. Our conversations cover many topics, as the fitness business has many nuances. One of the common discussions is about corporate outreach.

“Jason, we are surrounded by dozens of companies. Many of them have over 100 employees, and some of them over 500. How do we best approach them?”

Your target: Companies between 50 and 500 employees.

Your goal: To come on-site twice per year, set up a table, hand out information, have a raffle for some free memberships and have the company send out regular email blasts and/or texts to its employees.

Your approach:  First, I recommend visiting in person, versus calling. Calling first can work, but stopping in face to face will usually be more effective, even though you shouldn’t expect to meet with a decision maker the first day you stop by. Ask this question: “Who in this organization handles employee health programs?” This is often a human resources person, but not always. Your goal is to schedule a 15-minute meeting with this person in the future, unless they are able to meet right then.

During that meeting you are going to present the benefits of healthier employees and ask to come on-site in the near future. You are also going to bring food for all employees for the on-site event. This will dramatically increase your chances of getting a deal done. Don’t offer discounts on dues. You can discount enrollment fees, but don’t mess with your monthly dues.

Corporate outreach is not just a buzz-worthy topic — it has the potential to be a great source for increased monetary revenue. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out about how to present on the benefits of healthier employees.


Jason Linse is president and founder of The Business of Fitness, a consulting company. He also owns a personality assessment company called People Plus+ Fitness. For questions on sales, he can be reached at


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