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Personal Training: Group Basics


A term that is used a lot these days is group training. But what exactly does that mean and how does it differ from anything else you offer in your club? In case you haven’t already jumped on the group training “train,” here are some key elements to help you execute this programming to the fullest.

1. Small groups of 3-15

One of the main characteristics of small group training is the limited size of participants. This is a difference between complimentary group exercise classes and group training sessions. Also, having a minimum of participants ensures financial success for the trainer and club.

2. Taught by a certified and accredited trainer

Proper education is essential for creating and implementing a group training program. Members are paying to be with a personal trainer, and that includes having correction on exercises, motivation and creative programming. Having a certification in group training can provide the education to make your members’ experience unique and rewarding.

 3. Dedicated space

Creating a dedicated area with unique tools gives trainers the area and equipment they need to create a red carpet experience for your members, for a lower dollar amount than a single one-on-one session.

4. Unique equipment or experience

Giving members a unique training experience with a top trainer is great. Giving them a great workout and teaching them or training them on a skillful movement is priceless. Think how proud they feel when they tell their friends they did a kettlebell clean or did 30 wall ball jumps with a 15-pound slam ball? Empower your clients by teaching them new techniques.

5.   Cheaper than one-on-one training

If you can give members a experience that engages them with a trainer and do it for 35 to 45 percent of the normal one-on-one cost, you can retain members and make money while doing it.

Vic Spatola

Vic Spatola is the director of personal training at Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club. He also does personal training business consulting. Contact him at: v4victoryconsult@gmail.com.

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