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Sales: Believing in Your Brand


Specific services offered at each club in the fitness industry varies across the board. However, for the most part, each service’s purpose is to assist people with their fitness goals. But do your services have a greater purpose? Can the services that are offered be customized so that the consumers investing in it can maximize their potential?

In order to answer this with full confidence, one must be able to understand the on-boarding and back end of their service. They must also truly believe that what they have to offer will be delegated in congruence to the facility’s mission.

For example, something such as a complimentary fitness consultation shouldn’t just be offered to close a sale. Look at the bigger picture and understand that closing a sale allows for a relationship to be built. Let the fitness consultation be the “first date.”

A service provided by your facility should give your new or long-lasting member the ability to be comfortably integrated into your culture, while also providing a uniquely designed experience. Again, in order to make what is offered fit the mold of a vision, the vision must first be tested and applied to the experience. From this “test” a type of confidence will be instilled in those who must sell the product and provide the service.

My owner shows his belief in the service that his gyms offer by participating in them himself. He has allowed multiple trainers to put him through various types of programs we offer, he attends events that are planned to market what we have to offer, and he role plays scenarios to make sure our structures and processes are as efficient as possible. Take the time to try out what can be and actually is offered in your facility. There could be the potential to discover that there are ways to improve the service and experience, while also understanding the steps taken in order to deliver them properly.

Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective member. Go through the objections that could possibly be encountered and create ways to fit in specific people’s goals into what you have to offer. Take the time to ensure your product can truly assist your members with the goals they originally shared with you. Do this in a way that develops a relationship that becomes more than just a pit stop before getting home from work. Be motivated and excited that your unique product has the ability to change lives.


Ethan Smoorenburg

Ethan Smoorenburg is a franchise business consultant with Anytime Fitness Corporate. He can be reached at ethan.smoorenburg@sebrands.com.

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