Customer Expectations

We hear a lot of talk about managing or meeting customer expectations, but how well do we really do in this area? Understanding and dealing with a customer’s expectations can be a great tool to aid retention.

With this in mind, here are some tips that will help your business deal with customer’s expectations for greater retention.

Understand what the expectations are. It is difficult to meet a customer’s expectations if we don’t know what they are. Usually when someone joins a gym they are told what to expect, rather than being asked what they are expecting from the business.

This is due to a lack of understanding and it’s probably just easier to do it that way. When we speak to a new customer we generally find out that they want to lose weight or get fit, and little attention is given to expectations. Take time to discuss their expectations, and I mean their true ones.

Manage expectations. Are the customer’s expectations unrealistic? Do they expect a free personal training session every workout? Do they think they can lose weight too quickly? If we manage this, we offer solutions that are realistic and achievable. If their expectations are too high, bring them back down to earth gradually.

Meet expectations. Once you know what they want, you know what you have to deliver. Their expectation may increase as time goes on, so it is important to check with them regularly so that you can ensure you are meeting them.

Exceed expectations. Can you occasionally exceed your customer’s expectations? When was the last time a customer said you had exceeded their expectations? To do this it’s all about the little things, which really can go a long way. Can you upgrade a customer or offer them some assistance above and beyond what they are expecting?

Finally, don’t over promise and under deliver. Be sure to under promise and over deliver instead, and your retention will flourish.

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