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Personal Training: The Power of One


As a trainer, your job is to sell and provide personal training services to members. Most trainers do not excel at selling their service, because they get so overwhelmed by the number they must attain. When a fitness manager presents them with their monthly goal, most newer trainers stress and struggle because of the enormity of that goal.

My advice to trainers and fitness managers alike is simple; focus on one.

Focus on speaking to at least one new member a day.

Focus on converting one new prospect every three days into personal training.

Focus on asking one existing training client for a referral of a potential client.

Try and find one member who has not used their complimentary session and get them to do a workout.

By making the overall goal into a more digestible and sizable figure, you can truly help motivate and inspire your trainers to do just one more.

So, how will just focus on one today?

Emily Harbourne

Emily Harbourne is the assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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