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Out&About Marketing’s Social Media Strategy Fit Kit

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For health clubs, marketing is the bread and butter of the business. Without it, customers wouldn’t know about your club and sales would remain stagnant. But where do you start, especially on social media, which seems to change everyday?

Here, Milena Regos, a principal at Out&About Marketing, discussed the firm’s Social Media Strategy Fit Kit, which can help health club owners maximize their marketing on social media and beyond.

CS: What are the key highlights of the Media Strategy Fit Kit?
MR: Social media strategies should never be one-size-fits-all. But all too often our budget stretches our time, resources and abilities to execute a well-thought out plan. Our business and our customers demand our day-to-day focus, and our social presence often gets shuffled to the back burner. It doesn’t matter if you have a social strategy, you’ve never started a Facebook page, there’s probably some element that rings true when we say that your social media strategy has fallen flat, or just downright extinct.W

We don’t believe in a lock and key social strategy, because we believe that your industry, the fitness industry, deserves its own strategy. And because we think your business can find a home (a successful one) on social media, we’ve created something we like to call the Social Media Fit Kit – Social Media Strategy for the Health&Fitness Industry.

The Social Media Fit Kit includes over 70 pages of information and examples from the industry with key topics such as:

  • Why Social Media is Important for the Fitness Industry
  • How to Establish Your Social Media Goals Specific to the Fitness Industry
  • Gathering Content: Content Creation and Content Curation
  • Free Content Marketing Template
  • Posting Frequency
  • Platform Best Practices
  • Ambassador Identification: Includes Bonus Top 50 Fitness
  • Bloggers and 10 Fitness Hashtags
  • Social Media Contests Strategy
  • Negative Response Process: Managing your Online Reputation
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Measurement
  • Social Media Tools
  • Case Studies
  • Plus exclusive access to the Fitness Social Media Club Facebook group so you can ask questions directly to the experts

CS: What did you want to create the Social Media Strategy Fit Kit?
MR: At Out&About Marketing, we’ve worked with various national and international clients in the fitness industry, such as V Club in Sydney, Hard Candy Fitness in Australia and Canada, UFC Gym in Australia and Steve Nash Fitness World in Canada. We took our years of experience and findings in the fitness industry and put together this package to let fitness brands gain quick knowledge and avoid mistakes along the way. It’s impossible for us as an agency to work individually with every fitness brand in the world, yet we see so much potential for them to do a better job on social media that we couldn’t resist the temptation to put the kit together. It took hours and hours of work, but we are proud of what we accomplished and we hope that fitness brands will see the value of it. This kit is valued at $749, yet we wanted to make it accessible and offer brands a limited discount of $500. And if you want to just check it out first without any commitment, you can download the first two chapters for free.

CS: How will the Social Media Strategy Fit Kit help club owners?
MR: No longer does launching a social media strategy have to be intimidating, time consuming or unmanageable. The Social Media Strategy Fit Kit is designed for marketing professionals, staff and owners in the fitness industry who want to learn how to improve their social media marketing, while achieving greater results. People can just follow the guide, chapter by chapter, and easily develop their own strategy and implement the tactics and tools we recommend based on years of experience in working with some of the greatest fitness brands in the world, plus learn from the multiple examples we’ve included in the guide specific to fitness.

CS: What can health club owners expect to improve upon as a result of the kit?
MR: A streamlined and structured approach to their social media marketing that will save hundreds of hours and frustrations by not knowing what’s currently working or how well their social media efforts are performing. An inexperienced staff member will benefit from learning the A to Z of social media marketing as it applies specifically to their industry. The more experienced social media professional will have a ton of new tools and tactics to explore, benefit from free templates to organize their content marketing, an influencer list, hashtags and websites to explore for their influencer marketing and new ideas from main leading brands in the industry. An owner can expect to ask educated questions about how well their social media strategy is performing and a staff member will be able to answer these questions and learn from the insights in order to improve even more their social media presence.

CS: How else can Out&About Marketing help health clubs?
MR: We love working one-on-one with fitness brands of course as we can get involved on a day-to-day basis and guide and train staff to become better at social media. Our services include social media audits, social media strategy, analytics, content marketing and social media advertising. To view some of our work, you can check out our website and see some of the case studies we have put together. Feel free to reach out to us for a custom proposal.


For more information on the Social Media Strategy Fit Kit, click the banner below:

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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