Working Millennials: A Recipe for Success


The millennial generation is now rapidly starting to join the workforce. Chances are you are starting to see that clubs are being staffed more and more by young people. The millennial generation differs from previous baby boomers that tend to be more traditional in terms of the workforce. Older generations are used to getting titles, working 9 to 5 and paying their dues. They have traded sacrifice for success.

Despite the fact that the millennial generation has a different work mentality, Mark de Gorter, the chief operating officer at Workout Anytime, highlighted several benefits you can reap by having a large amount of millennials working within your facility.

  • Teamwork: “The millennial generation are taught cooperation from a very young age. We are finding that is a great foundation for building that team concept that is so important and necessary for successful clubs. While baby boomers may be used to more hierarchical structure in work, we are finding that the millennials make for great team environments. They lend themselves really well to what we are trying to do at the club level.”
  • Flexibility: “The millennial generation is also looking for flexibility in their schedule. They don’t necessarily want 9 to 5 jobs anymore. This is really boding well for our industry in general because we provide flex scheduling now, which is what they want. Millennials like the flexibility and they like to work different hours. They don’t necessarily want to get in the club and work all day. With the right foresight and scheduling, we do have a population that is attune to those types of flexibilities in their schedule.”
  • Impactful: “The millennial generation is really focused on doing work that is meaningful. I hear a lot of desire for work-life balance from younger people and clearly in our industry, where we are helping people live more active and healthy lives, I don’t think you can get a more meaningful and purpose-driven occupation than ours. It does attract a lot of young people coming into our space.”

However, Gorter does caution that there are a few challenges in working with the millennial generation. “They aren’t looking to be tied down, so sometimes that lends itself to a propensity to look for greener pastures,” he added. “We coach our clubs to really make sure they have a good career path laid out and that we are providing that level of communication, because this group is very mobile. But if we provide them with meaningful work, a level of flexibility and engage them, it can be a pretty good recipe for success.”


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  1. gary diemer

    March 16, 2016 at 11:02 pm

    I think that there is some truth to what you are saying. I always believe that youth brings new insights into any industry. Everyone wants better working hours and flexibility, this is not unique to millenials. I still believe that you must prove yourself no matter what job you have. My problem with millenials is entitlement. Along with entitlement comes the transient nature that they have. A good work ethic is something everyone needs to have. You should love the job you do, however you must earn respect and rewards. I agree that we need a better balance of work and home life. However, if you are only working 4 hours a day, you should be WORKING 4 hours a day.

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