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How Cardio Workout Tracking Creates Results

workout tracking

Why reliable and accurate cardio workout tracking makes a world of difference with members.

Everyone who joins a health and fitness club wants to see progress. They want results. While new members appreciate a convenient location and modern amenities, their greatest expectations are — as they have always been — to get in shape, lose weight and feel great.

In the connected mobile culture of the digital download age, health and fitness apps are growing faster than any other category. Clearly, today’s exercisers want to connect and track their progress. Successful club operators understand the value of keeping members, especially their newest members, engaged, on track and achieving results. An accurate and 100-percent reliable cardio workout tracking system is an increasingly important tool for both members and club operators.

The Workout Tracking Opportunity:
Fitness enthusiasts, outside of gyms and health club facilities, rely on a variety of popular mobile devices and apps to monitor and track the intensity and duration of cardio activities such as walking, running or cycling. But what happens in the club? Tracking workouts on cardio exercise equipment inside a facility provides a challenge, because most machines lack wireless communications that enable club operators to automatically and reliably connect, collect and control workout usage data.

Wireless Bluetooth or QR Code Tracking:
Over 35,000 U.S. fitness clubs are filled with members who want to track their cardio workouts. The solution is one of two wireless technology standards: Bluetooth or encrypted QR codes. Bluetooth exchanges data over short distances from fixed mobile devices. QR code (i.e. Quick Response Code) is a machine-readable optical label designed for tracking information. Known for fast readability, QR codes can be scanned by any imaging device, such as the smartphones most exercisers use, to listen to music or watch their favorite TV programs during cardio workouts.

Cardio Equipment Monitoring:
Equipment downtime is a major issue for club operators and their members. The dreaded “out of order” sign is a red flag no one should wave. Wireless cardio equipment tracking allows club management, or their service providers, to monitor and control usage data and schedule maintenance to prevent downtime and member complaints. Regularly scheduled cardio equipment maintenance extends the life of the most costly and valuable assets in any health club facility.

Today’s club operators have their choice of technological tools and apps to help members track their progress and achieve results, regardless of their health and fitness goals. Reliable and accurate cardio workout tracking makes a world of difference, especially when it is seamlessly compatible with the most popular fitness tracking apps. Consider the latest wireless technology standards and the system that serves the facility and membership best.

Tony Garcia is founder and president of MYE Entertainment, an industry leader in the development and application of fitness technology. For more information, visit myeinc.com.


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