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Operations: Leading Different Personalities


A couple of years ago, I wrote about four different personality types, including how you could spot them as gym prospects, and what you could do to slightly alter your sales approach to increase closing percentage.

But in this particular article, I would like to write about leadership and personality.

In working on a team, in a fitness center, as a manager/supervisor, you will “manage” different types of people.

Oranges (Energizers)

These are people who like variety, freedom, money and a social life.  They typically make great salespeople, but often struggle with organization.

Tips for leading an Orange

Provide weekly, if not daily incentives, if they are in sales. Challenge them to be more organized by making a game out of it.

Yellows (Organizers)

Opposite of Orange folks, Yellow people are very organized. They like structure, make check lists, and are typically very tidy, but often struggle with change and thinking on their feet.

Tips for leading a Yellow

Provide clear-cut expectations, don’t withhold details and, if they are in sales, teach them a step-by-step system.

Blues (Harmonizers)

Blue people put other people in front of product and/or paperwork. They are sensitive to other people’s feelings, are great communicators, but often struggle with being assertive and/or putting even a small amount of pressure on a prospect.

Tips for leading a Blue

Recognize them for their ability to communicate with others. Compliment them often, as much as three to four times per day and watch your tone and body language when meeting with them. They pick up on subtle things easily.

Greens (Analyzers)

Green people are very logical. Often coming across (unfairly) as unemotional, they care more about a leader being qualified than what kind of a person he or she is. They like their ideas to be heard, but can sometimes come across as thinking they are smarter than everyone else.

Tips for leading a Green

Listen to their ideas. Ask them questions, and if they are in front of members and prospects often, work with them on getting comfortable asking open-ended questions.

OK, so how do you determine what color spectrum each person on your team is?

Simple, just follow the instructions below. For being a Club Solutions Magazine reader, there is no cost to take the assessment. You get fitness tips, and an ebook on personality and leadership.

Go to www.personalityandfitness.com, and click on “go to the full assessment.” This is to the right of the video near the top of the page.

username: club
passcode: solutions

Click and take the full assessment. This is at the top of the page.

Enter some basic info.

For promo code section, type: Jason

Keep changing lives.

Jason Linse

Jason Linse is president and founder of The Business of Fitness, a consulting company. He also owns a personality assessment company called People Plus+ Fitness. Contact him at jason@jasonlinse.com or 612-310-1319 for resources on scheduling more tours and personality assessments, or visit www.jasonlinse.com.

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