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Recharging The Beat

The Beat

Sometimes your members need a little extra push to workout. With all of the distractions in life, like family, friends and work, it can be hard to find the motivation to workout. Therefore, it is essential to provide members with all of the necessary tools to get the best workout possible.

And now that is easier than ever. New advancements in technology are transforming a member’s experience running on a treadmill or logging hours on the elliptical from boring to lively. Members can now enjoy their favorite movie, listen to a customized playlist, replicate outdoor runs, track workout data and much more, all while exercising on their favorite piece of cardio equipment.

Equipment buying decisions for your club are crucial. To help, we have broken down a few of the top new cardio pieces and technology components on the market and how they can enhance your club experience.

Life Fitness

Life FitnessLife Fitness unveiled its new Discover SE3 console that helps exercisers stay connected by enhancing the workout experience. The console features a new interface for simple discovery and a host of other digital advances, such as Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity and customizable Attract screens. According to Lauren Platt, the public relations and social media manager at Life Fitness, club owners should encourage all members to get the app. Then they can login to get customized content on all equipment with the Discover SE3 console. “If you have the app, all you have to do is hold it to the screen on the piece of equipment and it will log you in,” said Platt. Other new additions to the console include streaming entertainment offerings.


In order to help personal trainers stay connected with members, Matrix recently launched the Personal Trainer Portal. The technology solution offers a dashboard interface, allowing trainers the ability to create signature exercise programs, assign workouts and check progress to help members stay on track and reach their goals. Members can provide feedback and access training schedules via compatible Matrix 7xi and
7xe consoles and wireless devices. Members can also share data — like nutrition and daily activity from an integrated fitness tracker — with their trainers.

Octane Fitness

Transform the running, jogging and walking experience for your members with the ZR8000 from Octane. DesignedOctane Fitness
to help runners improve performance and enable anyone to run, the ZR8000 completely eliminates repetitive, stressful impact on the body. Unlike a treadmill, it does not have a belt, deck or motor, thereby eliminating the high costs of operation, maintenance and service. The aluminum legs on the ZR8000 feature lightweight pedals and independent hip and knee joints so exercisers can customize natural running motion. With the Zero Runner members replicate the same strides they use outdoors, focusing more on their glutes and hamstrings than they can on a treadmill’s moving belt. Ten resistance levels and 11 workout programs, including interval training and distance and calorie goals, provide variety.


Precor recently partnered with EXOS, the leader in proactive health and performance solutions. EXOS traditionally worked with elite athletes, but has expanded its reach into the health and fitness industry. The companies partnered to develop EXOS Energy Systems Development (ESD) Technology to Preva-enabled treadmills, ellipitcals and upright and recumbent indoor cycles. According to Adam Hubbard, the director of product management at Precor, ESD provides a customized program for each and every user. The EXOS ESD evaluates a user’s state of fitness through a series of tests in order to generate personalized programming. “ESD is not meant to replace the personal trainer, but augment them,” said Hubbard. “The trainer can easily see what each client did on the treadmill so they can deliver a more personalized service.” Operators can subscribe to EXOS ESD for any of their cardio equipment featuring Preva.


The UNITY digital interface is now available on the EXCITE range of cardio equipment. The UNITY allows gym Technogymowners and operators to provide members with a personalized training experience, as well as improve motivation and retention. The UNITY digital interface helps to keep members engaged with a variety of options like replicating outdoor runs on the treadmill, tracking data, personalizing content, viewing an outdoor training simulator and much more. Workouts are also easy to track and manage for staff and members. Once created, programs can be checked and managed from all personal devices and UNITY consoles, and performed on all Technogym equipment. EXCITE equipment includes the treadmill, step, crossover, vario, bike, recline and more.

Emily Harbourne

Emily Harbourne is the assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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