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Balance Habits’ No-Nonsense Approach to Nutrition


If you haven’t heard of Balanced Habits yet, you haven’t been paying attention. This fast-growing company is turning heads and trimming waistlines with its no-nonsense approach to nutrition. It is not a product-driven company; it is education-based, with its goal to eradicate the diet industry.

With U.S. obesity rates rising to what is now being reported by the N.Y. Times as 40 percent for women and 35 percent for men, Balanced Habits is fixated on changing that.

“People simply have no idea how to eat to live a quality of life they need and deserve,” said Balanced Habits creator, Carolyn Fetters.

With healthcare costs soaring, the natural pairing is within the fitness industry, which has the ability to offer a whole lifestyle solution. Since 2008, fitness centers have reported that nine in 10 clients come to their facilities looking for a weight-loss solution. Before then, the average customer came to “get into shape.” Now the goal is to live a longer and higher quality of life.

Balanced Habits has worked with nearly 80,000 people across the United States and Canada and it is about to cross the pond into the U.K. starting in January 2017. The relatively new company has partnered with about 80 fitness centers — and growing — helping them generate more than $8 million dollars in revenue.

“The ‘diet industry’ is a $60 billion a year industry and we aim to bring that income to the industry where it truly belongs,” said Fetters.

Yes, this is a business venture, but the overriding mission is to educate and support the consumer. Balanced Habits’ mission is pure and that’s what sets it apart.

Maybe it’s Fetters personal experiences with obesity — her family has been touched by this sad and preventable disease. She has lost two of her three siblings in their 50s due to obesity-related causes. This is what appears to drive her to build this company into its full potential.

Balanced Habits has developed a complete turn-key approach, keeping it simple and effective for fitness centers to implement. Balanced Habits has created all the tools, resources and know-how to turn nutrition into a thriving profit center from day one.

It certifies the staff and has coined them “food coaches.” Their approach offers a short-term, scalable option as well as a longer one-on-one approach — which is what most folks are looking for these days.

As a business model, Balanced Habits has all its bases covered to help fitness clubs generate tremendous revenue while at the same time providing a transformation solution that eludes so many fitness centers. Visit its website to learn more: www.balancedhabitspartners.com.


This press release was submitted by Balanced Habits. 


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