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Keep Members on Track with Fit3D


If members aren’t seeing results, they’re not happy. And unfortunately, a normal scale just doesn’t cut it when it comes to measuring if a member is making progress toward their fitness goals.

A few years ago, Ben Marciano, the president and owner of Zone Health and Fitness, was introduced to the Fit3D body scanner. Here, he shares how the product has helped sell memberships, retain and help members stay on track with their goals, sell personal training and help with corporate membership sales.

CS: How were you introduced to Fit3D and why did you decide to partner with them?

BM: One of their sales reps visited Zone Health and Fitness on several occasions. He was never pushy about the scanner. He was always willing to help with whatever we needed. He had years of experience in the industry and provided his knowledge as a resource. I love doing business with people who pride themselves on service first.

CS: What are the benefits of the Fit3D body scanner to your business?

BM: It has added a significant value to our membership. We pride ourselves on being a gym that is serious about our members’ results. The scanner provides a way for tracking their results along their fitness journey. We encourage members to scan once a week. Once they see their body changing they are motivated to do more and stay on track.

We have also seen a big increase in personal training sales. We have all new members do their first scan right after they purchase their membership. We ask them to review their results before they meet with their trainer, which we schedule within 24 hours. We ask them to come up with three goals they would like to review with the trainer. Most of time they come in emotionally invested and ready to make a change.

CS: What are the benefits of the Fit3D body scanner to your members?

BM: The best way I can describe it is through a story. I had a member that would come for a month and then stop. After being gone for six months I explained to her that we had recently purchased the scanner, and that I would like for her to do it to help with staying on track. I explained it would give her a baseline and she should scan once a week and try to come to the club as much as possible over the next 30 days. She came a total of 25 days over the next month. She told me she had lost 3 inches around her waist, her body fat dropped by 3 percent and her image changed pretty significantly. But with all of this she had not lost a pound.

In the past, she only used the scale to determine her results. So she would have quit her routine when she saw she did not lose weight. She has now built the habit of exercise and is on a consistent regimen because of the scanner. The Fit3D body scanner helps people see how their body is changing and helps them stay on track.

CS: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Fit3D in any way?

BM: Yes. Their service and knowledge of the industry has been extremely helpful.

CS: What else can you tell club owners about the benefits of offering Fit3D?

BM: The scanner is a great investment. We use it to sell memberships, retain and help our members stay on track with their goals, sell personal training and help with corporate membership sales. The machine adds so many different facets to our business. It is one of the main things that separates us from our competition.


For more information on Fit3D and how it can benefit your business, click here: http://www.fit3d.com/.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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