Loyalty Drives Success

Loyalty drives success

Merriam Webster defines retention as, “The act of keeping someone or something.”

Now that we know the actual meaning of retention, let’s consider a few important questions: 1. Is your attrition simply a statistic, or do you truly look at it as a measure of success? 2. Do you look at attrition as a measure of how well you are meeting the expectations of your members?

There are numerous factors that lead to the experience of our members and in turn keep them life-long users. Better yet, raving fans.

This experience starts long before day one of their membership. It’s the Google search for “gyms near me.” It’s the referral from a friend. It’s the look and feel of the website, the online reviews and social media posts. The list is long, right? And they haven’t even stepped foot into the facility yet.

Beyond the curb appeal, the convenience, the accessibility — the first impression, the first interaction, is crucial to the lasting impression. Your team, and environment that they create, are key to the experience for every prospect, member and visitor alike. What mission, vision and culture have you instilled in your team members that spills over into every interaction?

How do you consistently show the value of membership? How many touch points do you have with your members within their first 30, 60, 90 days? How do you ensure that respective goals will be reached? How do you ensure engagement from the start? How do you re-engage if you discover that it has been X amount of days since their last visit?

There are numerous business models within our industry. However, if we are in it for the right reasons, the one thing that should resonate among us all is the experience of our members — the ultimate retention determinant. If we can provide inspiration within a warm atmosphere, truly connect and engage with our members, and ensure that we are fully supporting them to assure their goals are achieved, our retention level will be high. Remember, accessibility, functionality and emotionality drive loyalty, and loyalty drives success.


Melissa Griffin is an area director for O2 Fitness. For more information email mgriffin@o2fitnessclubs.com.

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