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Your Programming Menu

Your Programming Menu

Programming is vital to your business. To stand out today and differentiate yourself from your competitors, you need to be aware of the important role programming plays in attracting and maintaining members.

Your fitness and wellness business is really no different than the restaurant business. The success of any restaurant is largely determined by four things: the menu offering, the quality of the food and service provided and the demand by the customer for what you offer.

Think of programming in the same way. You need a program menu with a balance of traditional programs and unique, trend-setting programs delivered by highly passionate and well-trained instructors and trainers.

Next, decide which programs will best suit the majority of your members. To do this you will need to know which of the member demographics your business is built to serve — Millennials, Generation X, Young Boomers or Older Boomers.

To assist you in determining programming, review the various fitness industry trend reports. You need to know what is influencing consumer behavior to be able to make the best decisions for your business. This will help you see where to focus your investment of time, money and manpower.

Know that while most members seek out traditional programs (cardio and strength), they are also often interested in unique, personalized and interactive, as well as technology-based, programs. Try to stay current with what “the word on the street is” in regards to top talent and trending programs.

Be willing to recruit the best top performers from your competition or develop your own from inside your business. Get out of your office and network with members and meet people in your community.

The “word on the street is” as important as the words of advice from professionals.


Mo Hagan is vice president of program innovation for GoodLife Fitness and canfitpro. For more information email mo@goodlifefitness.com.

Mo Hagan

Mo Hagan is the VP of program innovation for GoodLife Fitness.

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