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Mass Appeal and Customization That’s Creating Rave Reviews

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If you are unsure what it means to have a nutrition program that can scale to the masses while still maintaining a customized approach, it’s time you looked into Balanced Habits.

While this company has been around since 2013, the programs they deliver were conceived nearly 25 years ago in an Orange Country, California, private training fitness facility. “Understanding how to work with sedentary folks, athletes, and everything in-between, is key to the success of the programs,” says Carolyn Fetters, developer of the Balanced Habits nutrition programs. “There is no such thing as one approach to nutrition that works for everyone, and knowing how to be flexible, while still getting results, is imperative to the success of the program and customer.”

Today’s customer is savvy and understands more than we give them credit for. They have grown weary of the diet industry and are seeking the support, guidance and accountability they experience from fitness industry experts. There is a trust there that doesn’t occur with the diet industry, who can only monitor success by pounds lost on a scale. Fitness centers report that nine out of 10 customers are looking for a weight loss solution. “This is a very different customer than we were seeing even five years ago,” says Fetters, also a co-owner of three fitness centers in Southern California.

Offering fitness businesses a tangible, scalable and practical approach to nutrition that appeals to everyone is the pride of Balanced Habits. “You need to have different program term lengths and levels of education to offer your audience, gain new leads and improve client retention. You cannot expect one approach to appeal to everyone,” says Fetters.

Balanced Habits developed a turn-key approach, keeping it simple and effective for fitness clubs to implement. Balanced Habits has created all the tools, resources and know-how to turn nutrition into a thriving profit center from day one.

As a business model, Balanced Habits has all its bases covered to help fitness clubs generate tremendous revenue while at the same time providing a transformation solution that eludes so many fitness centers. Contact Carolyn at 657.231.6779 or carolyn@balancedhabits.com.

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