Clubware: A Perfect Fit for Clubs and Facilities of Any Size


Clubware and Debitsuccess – the full service club management and payment processing solution.

At Debitsuccess, we do more than just process payments. As well as a comprehensive billing solution, we offer a complete online fitness club management tool.

Designed and developed with valuable feedback from the health and fitness industry, Clubware is a perfect fit for clubs and facilities of any size, from a single studio to a large franchise.

An efficient membership management system is key to success for facilities in the competitive health and fitness market. That’s where Clubware comes in:

Member management

This user-friendly system helps deliver an outstanding club membership management experience to your customers, making it easier to run a profitable business. It frees up your team from time-consuming, repetitive administration duties so they can focus on the most important aspect of your business — your clients.


Clubware offers a range of standard and tailored reports based on your criteria. So, whether you’re looking to consolidate or grow your business, these reports will help provide you with the information you need to achieve your goals and make informed decisions.

Class management

The online class management software allows you to provide members with an outstanding experience, regardless of the number of members and classes. This solution makes administration of classes, resources, attendance and payment simple.


With the Clubware suite of correspondence tools, you’ll find it easy to stay in touch with your members either individually or en masse. Communications can be customized with follow-up activities and various importing and exporting options.

Retail management

Clubware offers a comprehensive retail management suite, including a touch screen compatible point of sale screen, stock control and order systems, as well as support for thousands of products. This makes it easy to manage stock levels, making retail a more profitable part of your business.

Front desk administration

With our front desk tool you’re in full control of your facility at all times. Clubware provides seamless integration within the club administration software, including a versatile calendar tool that displays bookings, classes, staff commitments and more.

The latest version of this software, Clubware 4.1, also has a number of new and improved features:

  • Web API – a new API provides access to data stored and managed by the Clubware system. This supports integration with partners such as business intelligence providers or website, kiosk and mobile application developers. 
  • New ‘My’ area – a new navigation area called ‘My’ has been added to give the user a personalized view of their activities, bookings, favorite reports and announcements.
  • Branch and head office announcements – communications can now be published for a branch or head office and acknowledged by individual team members.
  • Reporting by groups – the availability of reports and report filters is now managed through secure groups so team members will be presented with the reports and filters they’re authorized to view.


For more information call us on (855) 202-2932, email us at or visit and find out how our solution can help your business. 

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