Core-Tex Proves to be Great Addition to Cooper Fitness Center


The Core-Tex is a completely unique approach to three-dimensional, functional movement. It is a Reactive Training tool that combines dynamic strength, razor sharp reaction, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and balance into one design, creating the optimal training environment.

Here, Carla Sottovia, the director of fitness and personal training at Cooper Fitness Center, explains why Core-Tex has been a great addition to the facility.

Club Solutions Magazine: Why did you want to offer Core-Tex within your facility?

CS: From a professional fitness trainer perspective, the concept of Reactive Training and its health and fitness benefits fit well with our clients. We have an active aging population — the average age of a member is over 55 years, and we also have many mature seniors who are 70-years-old and over. The Core-Tex is a unique way to enhance their reaction time, core activation and dynamic stabilization, which will hopefully elicit benefits such as fall prevention, better posture, mobility and strength.

CSM: What do your members love about Core-Tex?  

CS: It is a versatile apparatus and very teachable to clients. We have just started to introduce it to our members in a one-on-one setting and will add it to our small group training as a circuit station. The clients that have tried it during their training sessions have liked it. It is different and challenging.

CSM: How can clubs best implement Core-Tex into a training programming?

CS: The device has a learning curve, especially from the trainer’s perspective. One needs to be well practiced and trained in order to be able to teach others. Having a training system to where, when and how to incorporate Core-Tex during the training session will help. For instance, you can use it as a mobility station or warm up, or for strength. Have a system and be strategic in how to incorporate it.

CSM: Is there anything else you can share with other club owners about the benefits of working with Core-Tex?

CS: The beauty of all that Core-Tex can do allows us to plug it into any aspect of our programming where we want to introduce the reactive variability to our clients and members. We can program it purely for mobility purposes that is used as a dynamic warm-up or restorative all the way up to very intense HIIT training and everything in-between. Members will never get bored with all that Core-Tex offers and it provides our club the opportunity to continually keep programming fresh.


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