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Operations: Improve Your CMS — Without Spending a Dime


During the recent 2017 Club Solutions Leadership Retreat, one of the topics of discussion was technology — and of course, club management software (CMS) came up. Many club operators discussed the challenges of CMS systems, stating there are pros and cons to almost every provider in the industry.

And switching from one CMS provider to another can be a nightmare. Not only is it expensive and time consuming, you also have to train your staff on how to use the new system — which takes additional time and resources.

So instead of making the switch to a new software, attendees came up with the following solutions to improve a CMS system, without spending a dime:

Ask for Education

When’s the last time you had a rep from your CMS provider come into the club and train you or your staff on a new software feature; or better yet, teach them how to better manage the features they’re already using? If it’s been six months or more, you may want to invite them into your facility to see if there are ways you can improve how your CMS is currently being run.

Begin to Use Features You Aren’t Using

Are there features of your CMS you aren’t using, that could be beneficial? I’m sure there are. Make sure you’re aware of all of your CMS’s features and capabilities.

This doesn’t mean you should activate every single feature your CMS provides. You — and your staff — will get overwhelmed. But you could begin to use one to two additional new features each year.

Ask for What You Want/Need

Does your CMS not boast a feature you’d like? Ask them for it! Many CMS providers are happy to work with their clients to find solutions to issues, and some even add new features per their clients’ requests — it might not be right away, but if you’re with your CMS provider for years, it’s definitely worth asking.

Talk to Other Customers

Talk to other club operators who use the same CMS you do, and ask what their favorite features or capabilities are. They may be getting results that you aren’t or using the software in ways you hadn’t thought of.

Again, the great thing is none of these strategies cost you a dime — and could reap great dividends.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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