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A Non-Cookie Cutter Approach to Marketing


What’s new in gym marketing? The answer to this question often depends on the gym’s level of marketing sophistication and/or the type of gym one owns or manages. You see, providing a one-size-fits-all answer to this question is akin to applying the same exercise routine to an advanced athlete as to a novice gym-goer.

Taking the time to learn as much as possible about an individual member’s fitness goals enables fitness professionals the opportunity to provide the best solution(s) for that individual. Simply put, personalizing an exercise program for the individual provides the greatest likelihood for success — and the same personalized approach applies to today’s marketing outreach.

An established national big-box brand likely approaches their marketing differently than that of a new niche fitness concept with only one location. From marketing spend to messaging to channel attribution, their approaches will and should vary. Personalization extends beyond just the marketing plan — it should extend to personalizing your communications directed to your prospects and members. Connecting with consumers at a deeper level is paramount to the success of your marketing. In order to do this, gym marketing communications needs to cut through the clutter and speak to the individual.

Applying personalization technologies to help gyms connect with prospects and clients is more meaningful and relevant than ever before. While personalization of communications across multiple marketing channels is not new to marketing per se — the gym industry has an opportunity to begin to leverage such new technologies. Starting with consumer segmentation to understand whom within your local trade area are most likely to resonate with your brand, is job one. From there, designing specific messaging strategies towards the uniqueness of your audience helps communication connect with consumers in a way they can relate — and prefer.


Neil Doherty is the executive vice president of local marketing for Epsilon. Epsilon is excited to be on the leading edge in breaking new ground in the area of personalization to help gyms improve their member acquisition and retention. For more information, visit epsilonlocal.com.


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