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PRIME Fitness Equipment Helps Clubs Stand Out

PRIME Fitness

For many clubs, the fitness equipment is the showcase — oftentimes, a main differentiator from the club down the street.

Here, Jarrod Saracco, the founder of Health Club Doctor, describes why PRIME Fitness is a showcase line of equipment for the gyms that boast it.

CS: How were you introduced to PRIME Fitness and why did you decide to partner with them?

JS: I was first introduced to PRIME Fitness many years ago when it was still operating under the brand STRIVE. I was a fitness director who had just been hired to turn around a struggling personal training department and they had a plate-loaded arm curl in the weight room. I had no idea what it was, and I made a call to the company and they sent out the local rep. He put me through a short bicep workout on this single piece of equipment and I have been a “junkie” ever since. When PRIME gave the product a facelift and relaunched the brand, I was completely on board and could not wait for the right project to make this a key component to.

CS: What do you like about PRIME Fitness as an equipment manufacturer?

JS: From a manufacturing standpoint, the quality of the product itself is superior to many other brands due to the heavy-duty steel, complex precision welds and because they have, in my humble opinion, one of the premier fitness equipment engineers in the business. That guy is a genius. He allows the quality of design and function to meet without compromising the structural integrity of the unit. From a company standpoint, I like smaller, family-owned, niche-based products. And when you do business with PRIME Fitness, you are not a customer — you truly are family, and I love that.

CS: What are some of your favorite products they offer?

JS: There are of course what I consider some “legendary pieces” — the PRIME Plate Loaded Arm Curl, for example. Every gym in the world should have one. Several years ago, they produced a selectorized pullover with the SmartStrength technology, and I have to tell you, it’s downright phenomenal. I love the PRIME RO-T8 handles. Who knew that a simple handle and grip adjustment could have such a major impact on workouts, performance and member retention? 

CS: How would you describe PRIME Fitness’ customer service?

JS: As a smaller company, I feel like sometimes people shy away from them because they think they will not get the support they need. But it is the complete opposite. Their products are well built, so service issues or calls — which from my experience are few and far between — they are quick to act and resolve the issue correctly. The sales process is smooth and they are continuing to work on things to provide additional support, education and training after the sale.  I’m all about that.

CS: What should other club operators know about PRIME Fitness?

JS: In a world and industry where many clubs are larger or smaller versions of each other, PRIME Fitness truly helps clubs stand out. I firmly believe every facility needs at least a few pieces of PRIME Fitness if they truly want to offer the best of the best to their members. Which pieces exactly depends on their target market, training style, philosophy and decor. But you can’t go wrong by adding PRIME, even if it’s just the legendary Plate Loaded Arm Curl.


For more information on Prime Fitness, visit http://primefitnessusa.com/

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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