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How the VersaClimber Became an Integral Component of this Studio


Climb. Cardio. Core. is a one-of-a-kind boutique fitness studio. Located in Miami, Florida, the studio has built programming around the VersaClimber and Pilates reformers to offer participants a complete, full-body workout.

Tara Tobin, the founder of Climb. Cardio. Core., recently shared why she decided to make the VersaClimber such an integral part of her gym.

CS: How did your studio come about and how do you use the VersaClimber?

TT: I was introduced to the VersaClimber at Rise Nation, a studio in California that’s workouts revolve around the machine, and had a great time. The cardio experience is quick, you burn a lot of calories and it’s safe from a functionality standpoint.

When I went back to Florida I kept thinking about the machine and how it goes with what I teach, which is functional movement, low-impact cross training. So I decided to incorporate the VersaClimber into my classes. We offer small group classes with 10 participants at a time and split the class time 50/50 between the VersaClimbers and Pilates reformers. It’s been the perfect marriage.

CS: What’s great about VersaClimber as a piece of exercise equipment?

TT: It’s awesome. You’re actually doing the pushing and the pulling, which involves your core. It’s a full-body workout in and of itself. We’ve had a lot of people see great results and have had their bodies change dramatically. We put the music on really loud, the lights in the studio change — it gets really dark — and the teacher climbs with the class. The members absolutely love it.

CS: What tips could you share with other club operators on how to implement the VersaClimber successfully?

TT: If you’re going to invest in it, put some time into building a program around it. I’d also suggest creating an area for them with more than one machine. Whenever I’ve seen them in a gym, they’re a lone machine and nobody really goes near it. That doesn’t make it very inviting. Personal trainers should also stand next to their clients while they do it — don’t just leave them to do it alone. It’s nice to have someone to talk to, to distract them.

Just make it more inviting, because it is great for everyone. I even put teenagers on it and have taught them how to climb using it.

CS: So ultimately, if clubs are looking to offer a piece of equipment that offers a really great workout, then the VersaClimber fits the bill?

TT: Definitely. There’s no pounding, nothing bad on their joints. It’s awesome. Even for me, my arms got shredded and I changed the shape of my body. It’s a really get workout.


For more information on VersaClimber visit https://versaclimber.com/.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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