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ACE-Sponsored Research Study Releases Findings on the Total Gym ELEVATE Row

Total Gym

Total Gym is excited to announce that a study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) on the ELEVATE Row (previously called Row Trainer) has recently been completed. The study was conducted on the following subject:

The Acute and Chronic Physiological Responses to Exercise with the ELEVATE Row in Young and Middle-aged Adults.

At the forefront of functional training resistance for over 40 years, the concept of gravity-based incline training is familiar to Total Gym. The unique concept for indoor rowing on an adjustable incline that also allows for exercise variations is a different way to train and it’s revolutionizing the health club industry.

“We are very pleased with the results of the ACE-sponsored study,” said Total Gym CEO Jesse Campanaro. “Most importantly — they were able to confirm something we knew all along — that rowing on an incline satisfies both aerobic and resistance-training at the same time. This is a key finding for us that sets us apart from all other indoor rowers on the market.”

According to the Science & Research team at ACE, the key points and major findings related to the study include the following:

  • Indoor rowing provides a moderate-to-vigorous intensity aerobic workout, while sparing the joints the high-impact ground-reaction forces associated with running and jogging.
  • This study investigated the effectiveness of the ELEVATE Row, a new indoor rowing machine that differs from traditional rowers in three ways:
    • It features adjustable incline body resistance, bringing the need for more strength to the movement.
    • It enables a smooth, consistent load through the full range of motion, while providing less compression on the joints, especially the lower spine.
    • It is built to allow for the performance of other multi-planar movements, such as biceps curls and an alternating side-to-side row.
  • The goals of this research were twofold: (1) to quantify the cardiovascular and metabolic responses to a single bout of exercise on the ELEVATE Row and (2) to determine the effectiveness of a six-week training program using the machine.
  • Sixteen healthy participants were recruited for the study, all of whom were already leading a physically active lifestyle.
  • For the single bout of exercise, the participants completed a 30-minute session that consisted of six different exercises (flat rowing, incline rowing, flat biceps curl rowing, incline biceps curl rowing, flat side-to-side rowing and incline side-to-side rowing).
  • This workout elicited sufficient cardiovascular and metabolic responses to improve and maintain cardiovascular fitness, and would be classified as moderate to vigorous. Overall energy expenditure for the 30-minute session averaged 222 calories.
  • For the six-week program, the participants completed five 30-minute sessions per week. The exercises performed varied over the course of the program, but all study participants completed the same series of sessions.
  • Completion of the six-week program improved several cardiovascular disease risk factors (e.g., lowered body fat, decreased blood glucose and triglycerides, and increased HDL “good” cholesterol). Muscular fitness improved as well.
  • These findings suggest that the ELEVATE Row may simultaneously satisfy both aerobic and resistance-training guidelines.

Since this study was conducted, Total Gym engineers have created the ELEVATE Row ADJ, (adjustable), in addition to the original two-level rower. The adjustable version has seven levels of resistance, offering users a much wider range of intensity levels. In a sleek matte black finish, both the ELEVATE Row ADJ and ELEVATE Row help enhance core stability while strengthening major muscle groups. Their versatility makes them ideal as part of circuit, small-group training, and as part of group rowing HIIT Training.

About Total Gym

Total Gym is the world’s leading privately-held manufacturer of functional and bodyweight training equipment. Total Gym products are used in physical therapy clinics, athletic training facilities, hospitals, universities, professional sports teams and health clubs, inspiring over 24 million workouts per year worldwide. For more information, visit www.totalgym.com or call 858-764-0034.


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