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The ‘Cool Products’ of IHRSA 2018



With another IHRSA Convention and Trade Show in the books, use this “Cool Products” guide for a peek at the equipment, services and products you may have missed at IHRSA 2018.


AV Now Fitness Sound: Fitness Audio Mini-Tx Cableless Microphone System: The popular E-mic Mini-Tx cableless microphone system by Fitness Audio is specifically built for group ex instruction. Weaknesses in other transmitter-on-headset wireless mic systems have been corrected in the Mini-Tx design. The MT-U8 transmitter has a single, sealed on/off switch, marine-grade coated circuit board, and O-ring seals for maximum sweat resistance. Eight channel UHF selectable for cities that have crowded airwaves. The simplified, clean Mini-Tx design takes a beating and keeps on delivering. Operates up to 8 hours on a single AAA battery. Fitness rated to do 20 classes per week.

800.491.6874  avnow.com — sales@avnow.com

Balanced Body: New from Balanced Body®: Rialto™ Reformer — innovative design, premium materials and built for commercial environments! Specifically developed for group Reformer classes, the Rialto packs the necessary professional-grade features in an eye-catching design, priced for commercial facilities. Members will enjoy the quiet carriage ride, quick-adjustment ropes and cleats, and ultra-cushioning molded padding. Features: handcrafted Maple frame, standard height aluminum legs and extra-wide standing platform. Ships with Sitting Box Lite and Footstrap for enhanced exercises. Stackable for storage.

800.745.2837  balancedbody.com/rialto

Body-Solid, Inc.: Body-Solid, Inc. recently entered the indoor rowing market with the state-of-the-art Endurance R300 Indoor Rower. The self-generating, power-saving R300 Indoor Rower features high-quality, durable construction including a minimal-noise flywheel and nickel-plated chain. Additional features include an ergonomic handle and easily-adjustable footrests, as well as an interactive console with real-time feedback and eight exercise programs. The Endurance R300 Indoor Rower is ideal for commercial and group workout settings and fits well into any cross-training exercise facility.

800.833.1227 — bodysolid.com — sales@bodysolid.com

BOSU: The NEW BOSU® NexGen™ Pro Balance Trainer has a whole new look, new exercises, and a textured dome with four quadrants to help with positional cueing and grip. The BOSU® NexGen™ Pro Balance Trainer is all about functionality. The four easy to distinguish textured quadrants allow for precise body positioning and cueing for cardio, agility, strength, core, balance and mobility exercises and drills. The options and exercise progressions are endless.

800.810.6528  bosu.com — contact@bosu.com

California University of Pennsylvania: (Cal U) is a regionally accredited university offering 100-percent online degree programs in fitness and exercise science. Founded in 1852, Cal U has been providing quality education for over 160 years. Learn more about our programs at calu.edu/exercise. Cal U’s programs offer fitness and recreation management professionals opportunities to enhance and advance their careers with convenient, 100-percent online bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs. With Cal U, earn your degree anywhere, anytime.

866.595.6348 — calu.edu/exercise — calugo@calu.edu

Club OS: Club OS is the leading fitness sales automation software in the health club industry. With features including automated follow-up, texting, scheduling, reporting and more, you spend less time doing groundwork and more time with your members. Contact us today to learn more about how to integrate Club OS into your business.

888.812.2158 — club-os.com — hello@club-os.com

Digilock: NextLock by Digilock: Designed to easily integrate into any locker room environment, NextLock locks provide highly adaptable and versatile security solutions that offer numerous retrofit opportunities. With several designs to choose from at varying price points, NextLock products deliver aesthetically flexible locking solutions while maximizing your security’s functionality. Range, one of the newest additions to the NextLock line, presents an affordable locker security solution designed for practicality without sacrificing design.

707.766.6000 — digilock.com marketing@digilock.com

Epsilon: Epsilon helps many of the largest brands in the world get marketing results — including many fitness brands. We are a growth engine — fueled by proprietary consumer data, artificial intelligence and fitness industry marketing expertise that is second-to-none. Equipped with marketing automation and attribution technology, we’ll accelerate your marketing performance and help you grow sales. Put our growth engine to work for you and improve your marketing results. To learn more contact us at sales_team@epsilon.com.

epsilonlocal.com —  sales_team@epsilon.com

The Exero™ System: The Exero™ System is a unique exercise machine that combines cardiovascular work, resistance/suspension and stretching. A double-reduction pulley system facilitates smooth, linear resistance and three-dimensional movement, at any speed. Exercisers can work the left and right sides of the body individually, adding more resistance on one side, while isolating the other side with suspension work. With a small footprint and sleek appearance, it’s ideal for any level exerciser in private or group workouts.

908.832.3011  exerosystem.com

EZFacility: EZFacility is an all-in-one, web-based software that streamlines the daily operations and management of fitness facilities, health clubs and gyms across the world. User-friendly features make it easy to create membership plans, automate facility and class scheduling, quickly set up payroll, accurately monitor the health of business operations with comprehensive reporting, and more. Begin concentrating efforts on retaining and attracting members and increasing profits with EZFacility today.

866.498.3279  ezfacility.com  info@ezfacility.com

Fit3D: Fit3D’s patented 3D Body Scanning technology and Success Hub enables a standardized approach to sales, training and assessments for your membership and personal training sales teams. With a single 35-second, full-body scan from the Fit3D ProScanner, your sales team may access a client’s 3D body image, body silhouettes, measurements, body composition, body shape ratings, posture analytics, balance and world-class comparison tools.

650.275.3483  — fit3d.com

FitMetrix: FitMetrix is an engagement-driven technology platform that provides gym members with the ability to schedule classes, train and receive real-time tracking of effort and performance, all in one place. The white-labeled software supplies gyms with the ability to brand their leaderboards, booking experience and email marketing for a seamless, user-friendly experience on the gym’s website and on a customizable app.

800.988.3776 — fitmetrix.io — info@fitmetrix.io

FitnessEMS: The industry has confused asset management with member usage data and equipment mix decisions. FitnessEMS keeps track of equipment and inventory vital to day-to-day operations and manages the people and processes involved in keeping that equipment operating correctly. At IHRSA we constantly discussed our willingness to connect with all usage data providers and our current partners. We have demonstrated a single login hub for clubs, manufacturers, service providers and usage data applications.

770.807.3026 — fitnessems.com — sales@fitnessems.com

FitnessOnDemand™: The FitnessOnDemand™ platform delivers high-quality fitness media and programming through a variety of channels, creating the ideal virtual fitness experience for any environment. Optimize your studio or functional training zone by instantly injecting hundreds of premium fitness classes into otherwise moderately utilized spaces — increasing class frequency, format and quality.

877.474.0505 — fitnessondemand247.com — info@fitnessondemand247.com

Helix Company: Helix Company, the company that created the World’s First Lateral Trainer, has now created the World’s First Recumbent Lateral Trainer. The HR3500 Commercial Recumbent Lateral Trainer is the most unique, compelling and effective recumbent fitness product available. Its bi-directional, 360-degree, multi-plane motion delivers complete muscle activation throughout the lower body, including the glutes, inner/outer thighs, quads and hamstrings. The result is more complete training and greater calorie burn in less time.

888.435.4926 — helixco.com — sales@helixco.com

HydroMassage®: HydroMassage® Beds and Lounges are innovative amenities that feel great on sore muscles after a workout.  Members receive one 10-minute massage per day, and clubs create new profit centers by using HydroMassage to increase premium membership sales or adding $10 to $20 extra to the monthly membership. HydroMassage helps attract new members and increase close rates for prospective members on club tours. Successful clubs set up HydroMassage Zones™, which include multiple units in a relaxing, semi-private room.

727.536.5566  hydromassage.com — info@hydromassage.com

HYDRORIDER: DIAMOND AQUAJUMP — Jump into a new fitness routine with our Diamond AquaJump! Ideal for body toning, stamina training and weight loss, the AquaJump allows you to combine the benefits of aquatic exercise and fun! Made from one of the highest grades of Marine Stainless Steel (AISI 316L), the AquaJump is low maintenance and perfect for continuous daily use. If you are ready to break the routine and try a fun and engaging new workout, the AquaJump is for you!

305.762.7557 — hydroriderusa.com — info@hydroriderusa.com

Intelivideo: Intelivideo is a Video On Demand platform that enables businesses to launch and build subscription Video On Demand channels under their own brand. Subscribers are able to securely view on demand content via streaming or download on almost any device. Launching a subscription video channel is a powerful new way to expand your health and fitness business beyond the four walls of the studio or gym. Intelivideo’s technology and business partnership powers most of the successful fitness subscription Video On Demand channels, many of which you’d recognize.

720.379.6150  intelivideo.com — team@intelivideo.com

Jonas Fitness: Empower M.E. truly empowers your members in all areas of membership management — making your job as an operator that much easier. With an innovative, mobile-responsive design, comprehensive family profile management and enhanced form of payment functionality, Empower M.E. provides an immersive user experience with a focus on an improved “member journey.”

888.590.0026  jonasfitness.com — salesinfo@jonasfitness.com

Keiser: Keiser Functional Trainer — One machine. Unlimited possibilities. Because of its versatility, the Keiser Functional Trainer is the choice of elite trainers and strength coaches from colleges, performance facilities and pro sports franchises worldwide. Featuring pneumatic-resistance technology with two adjustable arms and two independent pulleys that accommodate high-low training positions, the space-saving machine can be used for just about any exercise you can imagine, from rehab work to high-speed, sports-specific applications. It’s available with or without a base.

559.256.8000  keiser.com — alastairw@keiser.com

KORR: With CardioCoach by KORR, you can offer VO2 Max testing as well as nutritional assessments. In this data-driven era of fitness, CardioCoach is an investment in the gold standard. VO2 data will elevate a client’s improvement within every program at your gym. The most inexperienced clients will see results that are only possible when workouts are personalized. And weekend warriors chasing goals of triathlons and road races will line up for testing, because for them, every second counts.

800.895.4048  korr.com — support@korr.com

Les Mills: From the creators of the industry’s most popular group exercise programs comes the next generation of cinematic group fitness, LES MILLS Virtual. The future of fitness is virtual — motivating people to exercise more often and providing the experience they need to remain entertained and immersed in their favorite workouts. LES MILLS Virtual content is available as a premium option on most players in the market, or on the new LES MILLS Virtual App.

844.LES.MILLS  lesmills.com/us/virtual — business.insights@lesmills.com

Markel: Designed to meet the coverage needs of the health and fitness industry — whether you are a Pilates studio or full-service facility — Markel’s health club program offers a range of competitive insurance coverages and services that address the unique risks of fitness clubs and studios. We are also the industry’s leading provider of professional liability coverage for group exercise instructors including personal trainers, martial arts and yoga instructors. General coverages include: abuse and molestation, business income, business property, general liability, workers compensation and more. Get a quote today!

888.245.3495  markelhealthclub.com/direct

Matrix Fitness: CXP Target Training Cycle: Give members the kind of experience they’ll come back for with a cycle designed to track personalized training metrics. High-performance, low-maintenance engineering includes target training LED color wrap, intuitive console operation, extensive training programs, repeatable magnetic resistance, optimized ergonomics and intuitive four-way adjustment with quick-touch operation. Discover more at matrixfitness.com.

866.693.4863  matrixfitness.com — info@matrixfitness.com

Motionsoft: Does your club management software feel extinct? If you want your club software running in the cloud and not in a museum, talk to Motionsoft about modern club management software.

800.323.1005  motionsoft.net — sales@motionsoft.net

MXM: See MXM if you are adamant about improving your member experience and creating much greater loyalty with your members. MXM brings all of the best practices of Medallia’s customers to the fitness industry with the technology and operational expertise to help you succeed. If you want to win the “member experience” game, this is how you do it.

509.888.5636  mxmetrics.com — info@mxmetrics.com

Myzone: The Myzone MZ-60, designed as a retro, classic sports watch, is ideal for those who want to see their heart rate and gain constant feedback for their physical activity. The MZ-60 pairs seamlessly with the MZ-3 and is available in two sizes (40-millimeter and 44-millimeter face). The Myzone MZ-3 is required to be worn at the same time to gain heart rate feedback directly on the watch.

312.870.4800 — myzone.org — headoffice@myzone.org

Myobuddy: The Myobuddy Massager Pro® is the tool of choice for fitness pros for recovery and myofascial release, and your members will love them. Myobuddy Reseller and Distributor programs can help you gain and keep members happy. Give a Myobuddy Massager away with membership sign-up, offer as a gift for personal training packages, sell them in your gift shop, provide free massages on customer appreciation day! There are many ways to “Rev Up Your Revenue” with Myobuddy!

844.696.2833 x 705  myobuddy.com — val@myobuddy.com

NuStep: The T5 is a great addition to any club, with 15 levels of resistance. The ability to get a total-body workout in a safe, seated position allows the user to work on both or either arms or legs. By adding a T5 you may get referrals from therapists to help increase membership. Most who use NuStep trainers for therapy join clubs equipped with them for their road to fitness. “Take That Step,” add NuStep trainers today.

800.322.2209  nustep.com  info@nustep.com

Octane Fitness: The new Octane Fitness Max Trainer® machine is ideal for functional training, small group sessions and circuit workouts; accommodates all fitness levels; and doesn’t require any adjustments. Research shows users of the 14-minute Max Interval workout may burn up to 43 percent more calories than those using a rower, and up to 26 percent more calories than those using a standing elliptical, both at a self-pace. This cordless, compact machine fits anywhere in a facility.

888.628.2634 — octanefitness.com — sales@octanefitness.com

Paramount Acceptance: Paramount Acceptance is a full-service software and billing company serving the industry for over 45 years. From our dashboard reporting to industry leading personal training software, our Pulse software system is uniquely tailored for the industry. With clients across the nation, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. Each of our clients are given a dedicated account manager.

800.316.444 —  gymsoftware.com — sales@paramountacceptance.com

Polar: Polar Club is an all-in-one health club solution that brings heart rate training to group exercise classes. Members will have an interactive experience where they will work towards individual and group performance targets. You’ll have classes pushing harder, feeling motivated and coming back for more in a heartbeat. All you need is a Polar device, iPad and a display screen.

800.290.6330 x 3077 — healthclub.division@polar.com — polar.com/us-en/club

Power Systems: Now exclusive to Power Systems! A durable, non-slip step with adjustable height and the added bonus of instability. The Step360™ Pro brings a full 360-degree experience to your workouts, designed to improve the body’s balance and stability on any side of the step. Use the six tubing notches along the outside to add resistance to workouts. Turn the base over and use it to keep Versa Balls in place for flexibility exercises and stretching. Rack available.

800.321.6975 — powersystems.com — sales@power-systems.com 

Save Energy Systems: The patented Demand Limiting Controller (DLC) from Save Energy Systems reduces a fitness facility’s utility bills up to 30 percent by providing intelligence and precise control to HVAC systems. Targeting the billing methods utilities employ, we reduce the amount of energy a facility’s HVAC system requires to maintain a comfortable workout environment. Used in nationally recognized corporate and franchised clubs alike, the DLC saves thousands of dollars annually.

617.564.4800  saveenergysystems.com — cyancich@saveenergysystems.com

sofSURFACES: At 2 to 2.75-inches thick, duraSOUND® Rubber Acoustic Tiles were engineered to deliver a higher standard for sound mitigation within the fitness industry. Reduce the transmission of audible structure-borne sound by up to 38 decibels with duraSOUND. This product was engineered to control vibrations and minimize low-frequency impact noise from weight drops. duraSOUND offers a limited lifetime warranty, superior aesthetics and unmatched durability. Further, it promises to deliver an even better acoustic experience for your customers and your neighbors.

800.263.2363 x 230 — sofSURFACES.com/durasound — info@sofsurfaces.com

Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation: Sports & Fitness Insurance Corp. (SFIC) has been dedicated to the fitness industry for over 32 years, insuring health clubs and fitness centers, studios and fitness professionals since 1985. SFIC offers general liability insurance, property insurance, professional liability insurance, umbrellas, workers compensation and surety bonds in all 50 states and Canada.

800.844.0536  sportsfitness.com — contactus@sportsfitness.com

SportsArt: VERDE ECO-POWRTM Treadmill: The industry’s first energy-producing treadmill. The sleek, non-motorized design utilizes a flat-slat belt to create an approachable unit that feels remarkably natural and comfortable while also producing up to 200 watts/hour of energy per workout. A smart braking system allows walking, jogging, running, sprinting or sled pushing features.

800.709.1400  gosportsart.com — info@gosportsart.com

Styku: Styku is a revolutionary platform for measuring your body. It’s a 3D body scanner, and after only 35 seconds, an exact 3D replica of your body is recreated. With Styku, clients can see exact measurements for where they’re losing mass, losing body fat and where they’re gaining mass and building muscle.

323.372.2628 — styku.com — info@styku.com

Tag Digital Marketing: TAG Digital Marketing (TAG), a leader in digital marketing for the fitness industry since 1999, specializes in helping clubs expand online presence, attract and retain new members, and boost profit margins. With services like SEO, PPC advertising, social media, reputation protection, and mobile internet marketing, TAG navigates clubs through the complex and interconnected digital world — and guides them to effectively allocate marketing dollars — for a decided competitive edge and healthy bottom line.

407.398.6629  tagdigitalmarketing.com — sales@tbsworks.com

Total Gym: ELEVATE Encompass Training is more productive and functional using one’s own bodyweight as resistance. The ELEVATE Encompass works on an incline against gravity to strengthen the way the body executes daily physical activities. The result is full-body conditioning from early post-injury to high performance training. ELEVATE your member workout experience with the Encompass, a functional training system that provides a full-body workout in one easy-to-use machine.

858.764.0034  totalgym.com — commercialfitness@totalgym.com

TRUE Fitness: The Ignite console by TRUE Fitness now provides fitness facilities the opportunity to easily incorporate interval training into small group training classes. This console, for TRUE commercial treadmills and the TRUE Alpine Runner, is designed to accommodate high-intensity interval training workouts. Main features include one-touch speed and incline keys and centrally located quick-start and pause buttons, making it easy for users to transition quickly between work and rest intervals to maximize intensity and recovery.

800.426.6570  truefitness.com  marketing@truefitness.com

TRX: TRX MAPS Powered by Physmodo performs a complete body movement scan in under 30 seconds. Results are delivered on-screen and via email, along with targeted exercises that address areas of weakness. This simple-to-use system prompts the user to perform three overhead squats, identifying inefficiencies across four critical areas: Mobility, Activation, Posture and Symmetry. TRX MAPS will help you: drive lead gen; up-sell and enhance personal and small group training; and increase your member engagement.

trxtraining.com/trx-maps  sales@trxtraining.com

Transactions Services Group: With 20 years of experience, Transaction Services Group (TSG) is a leading health and fitness revenue management provider. A global leader in club management software, payment processing and revenue, TSG has innovative solutions, setting new benchmarks in service, revenue and functionality. Clubware and Links Modular Solutions are a result of a rich heritage and knowledge of the health and fitness industry; and Debitsuccess specializes in collecting any day/frequency recurring payments from customers through a full-service payment platform.

855.202.2932 — transactionservices.global — mary.p@transactionservices.global

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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