How TSG Helped In Balance Fitness Grow


As is the case with any business, it’s important for your health club to grow. To do so, an efficient and effective billing and collections process is vital, so that you can focus on the other things that are integral to your club’s growth. Irene Cicala, the manager of In Balance Fitness, recently shared how TSG helped them do just that.

CS: Why did you decide to partner with TSG over other software providers?

IC: In Balance Fitness took over the Werribee Squash & Fitness Centre in 2005. The previous tenants were already using the TSG billing payments processing solution. We did some research into other billing companies and met with a rep from TSG. We found TSG to be the most beneficial for us as it had a well-integrated client database system. The POS module is second to none and user friendly. The biggest drawcard for us at the time was the convenience of the TSG software, Clubware, which was fully integrated with their payments processing platform, Debitsuccess.

CS: What are your favorite features of their software?

IC: For me personally, I love how Debitsuccess synchronizes with Clubware easily. This helps my sales team be more efficient. Any payments made in our club appear immediately. Setting up and changing online memberships is a breeze. Being able to add our own terms and conditions to contracts is definitely a plus. Online cancellations and suspensions saves time.

CS: In what ways have you seen ROI from your partnership with TSG?

IC: With the efficiency of the processes used by Debitsuccess, I feel the time saved allows us to spend more time on growing our business in other ways.

CS: How would you describe Debitsuccess’ customer service and support?

IC: I have been dealing with the Debitsuccess team for 14 years now. I find all the operators friendly, helpful and above all, patient. I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue that wasn’t able to be resolved in a timely manner. On the very odd occasion that a member of the Debitsuccess team is unable to process a request, usually due to a request on my part that is out of the ordinary, I am immediately referred to someone who can. Over the years, I have dealt with a few different account managers, largely due to my having worked in several different clubs. I have always found the account managers to be accessible, friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

CS: Why should other clubs consider partnering with TSG?

IC: I think any club would find a TSG solution beneficial. The policies and procedures they have in place work so well. Their procedure for handling overdue accounts is second to none. We recently opened up a second club and Debitsuccess supported us every step of the way. As anyone that has started a club from scratch knows, it’s an extremely stressful venture. My job was to get the whole admin side of things up and running and I honestly believe that without the support of the management team at TSG, I don’t think I would have reached opening day alive.

We did a presale obviously and had to delay our open day by a week, which meant all billing and payments had to be delayed by a week. This was a very smooth process thanks to the team at Debitsuccess. I have actually been through this process before, several years ago with a different club and opening day was delayed several times. Debitsuccess was a godsend, handling the several thousand member accounts for us. I can’t speak highly enough of this company and have found there is not a single billing and payments processing company out there that compares.


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