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Styku Completes the Member Fitness Journey at Gold’s Gym Cheyenne


3D body scanning is a great additional tool for members and profit center for health clubs. With outstanding customer support and technology, Styku is one of the best brands in the industry. Here, Jeronimo C. Provencio, the general manager of Gold’s Gym Cheyenne, shares his experience partnering with Styku.

CS: Why did you decide to partner with Styku to offer 3D body scanning?

JP: I have been researching ways to upsell and add value to our personal training memberships and clients to drive more sales. Back in November of 2017 is when I originally reached out to Alicia Lewis with Styku about pricing and product information. Unfortunately, being new tech, there weren’t any machines nearby I could demo – we decided to wait until IHRSA 2018. By then I had narrowed my choice down to two potential companies, with Styku being one of them. After having the chance to get my hands on the equipment and demo it for ourselves the choice was clear — Styku is currently the best company on the market offering this product. Styku’s software is more complete than all other competitors, offering great features like their cross-sectional analysis, calorie and activity calculator, health risk analysis based off weight circumference and much more! Our members deserve access to the best tools along their fitness journey.

CS: What are the benefits of this partnership to your gyms? Does it bring in revenue or add to your bottom line?

JP: We have been running Styku at this location for almost two months and have seen a great response from our members. Not only have we grossed over 1,000 in scans in just three weeks, but we have increased out personal training sales by 26 percent. This partnership brings multiple benefits to our gym, including: new technology, a fresh look on measurable goals, and increased value into our personal training department. Styku improves our current sales and it also helps us generate new revenue.

CS: How does Styku support personal training?

JP: We use Styku as an added value to personal training. If you’re a personal training client, you get free monthly scans. Not only does it help keep the client accountable, but the technology validates what the trainers are prescribing to their clients. Styku supports personal training by not only increasing sales, but expanding the training staff’s capabilities. Having 3D scan technology in-house allows our trainers to go more in-depth with each client.

CS: What do your members like about Styku’s product/service?

JP: Our members love the visual image presented by Styku. It adds a new element into their gym experience and an updated accurate way to measure their progress.

CS: How would you describe Styku’s customer service?

JP: Outstanding. Their key account managers and technical support have been nothing less than fantastic. From the first meeting all the way to installation they have been helpful and understanding. I’ve got Styku staff’s personal numbers and they are extremely quick about responding and making sure the service that is being provided to us is exceptional.

CS: Why should other club operators consider partnering with Styku or offering 3D body scanning?

JP: Every club should consider this partnership. Fitness is always evolving and 3D scans are an excellent addition to any gym. If you’re looking to increase sales or simply provide the latest technology to your members, Styku is the way to go. Advanced programming and quick implementation make Styku one unbeatable company.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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