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Clients Achieve Results with Personalized Plans from Balanced Habits

Balanced Habits

Beyond just exercise classes, nutrition programs are the next step your club can take to ensure members meet their goals. Balanced Habits can help maximize your members’ fitness progress with personalized nutrition plans.

Here, Mattison Fetters, the head of operations at The Training Spot in California, talks about the success his clients have seen following personalized Balanced Habits nutrition plans:

Why did you decide to partner with Balanced Habits? What problem were you looking to solve?

MF: Our decision to partner with Balanced Habits was considered from two different perspectives. One, we have always realized the importance of nutrition when transforming the lives of our clientele, and we felt strongly about providing an easy to follow program. Two, we were looking to expand our business, and adding the extra revenue stream began this process. It allowed us to open a third location exponentially faster than without the revenue that having Balanced Habits created.

Is Balanced Habits easy to implement across multiple locations? Would you describe it as turn-key?

MF: The Balanced Habits program is extremely simplistic to introduce to our staff and clientele, as well as across all three of our studios. We have a food coach in each location certified by Balanced Habits, and a program coordinator who oversees the entirety of the programs. I would not hesitate to bring these programs into each new studio I open in the future. It is extremely turn-key.

How has Balanced Habits positively impacted your business?

MF: I have absolutely no concern about guaranteeing my programs and their results. We are the leading transformation center in our county because of the power of our combined strength training and nutrition programs, and we’ve helped our clients accomplish every goal they’ve presented to us. Aside from that, it has had a massive financial impact as well. I can always count on the 28-day KICKSTART to be a great lead generator and converter for us, and to date, we have brought in over $250,000 from program entry fees.

How has it helped your members? Is it important for clubs to boast a nutrition solution?

MF: Today, most of our clients know nutrition is even more impactful for their health and wellness than strength training and cardio. Because of this, our clients look to us to provide an easy and personalized plan. The Balanced Habits programs do just this and make it possible for us to ensure a client can achieve any goal they have. We have helped clients lose 100 pounds and literally save their lives, and at the same time we’ve helped others put on lean muscle mass and compete at collegiate and professional levels. In my opinion, if a club is not offering a nutrition solution, they’re not really providing a solution at all. I find it to be absolutely critical for a client’s success.

Why else should other club operators consider partnering with Balanced Habits?

MF: I’ve been in this industry over a decade and I’ve tried to do it all on my own. I came to the realization that my clients desperately need a coach to oversee their success, and I needed it too. Balanced Habits coaches you and/or your staff to ensure this program is a powerful life-changing machine for you and your clientele. Gone are the days of writing out a meal plan on a piece of paper and trying to figure out what to charge for it. I strongly encourage every club operator to consider this streamline to success.


For more information on Balanced Habits, visit http://partners.balancedhabits.com/club-solutions/.


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