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Improve Your Club Drastically by Next Week

two-way radios

Like any customer, your guests want to know their facility has their needs as priority No. 1. Integrating two-way radios into your center will provide the best possible immediate upgrade to your management style.

Communication is king. When your staff members and management can instantaneously understand what is occurring in your fitness center, you will be more in-tune with the needs of your guests, and that’s exactly what they want.

Instant communication allows for the best possible customer service, as well as providing a safe environment. Equipped with radios, your staff will be able to solve guest issues on-the-spot, offer much-improved guest and staff safety, and provide for a more all-encompassing awareness of the center for management.

Improvements by next week? Absolutely. Radio implementation takes no time to set up. You’ll quickly and easily have your entire staff communicating on a regular basis and be able to solve issues exponentially faster than in the past without radios.

Benefits of two-way radios include:

Treat your guests to a better experience.

Give your staff more flexibility, with more freedom.

Improve your safety and guest awareness.

Join the hundreds of other clubs that have realized the potential of instant communication. Integrate two-way radios into your club management protocol, and you’ll see a world of difference by next week.


Joe Wood is the technical director of TechWholesale.comThe Fitness Club Two-way Radio Company. For more information visit techwholesale.com/club2.html.


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