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How Social Media Benefits Gyms

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It’s no surprise social media completely dictates how we interact with each other and operate on a daily basis. And like it or not, all fitness clubs need social media. When used correctly, companies can use it to shed positive light on their brands and consumers.

Here are some ways it can benefit all fitness clubs:

Inspires, motivates and informs members.

Not only are these three fitness-related things owners need to be doing on a daily basis, but they are also three key ingredients to a gym’s online success. In the fitness world, motivation and inspiration come and go all the time. Luckily, social media gives immediate feedback.

New members need to be informed about performing certain exercises correctly, know what foods they need to eat to see results they want and how to operate complex gym equipment. So what are some things owners can do to ensure their members are inspired, motivated and informed?

  1. Post quotes and memes of the day. Quotes and memes are like the bread and butter for the fitness industry. Since motivation comes and goes all of the time, posting something funny, relatable or uplifting might be just the spark someone needs to hit the gym. Anyone with active lifestyles, especially those on weight-loss journeys, like knowing there’s more people out there experiencing similar struggles. It’s important that all content posted is cohesive and jives with the club’s specific brand.
  1. Share transformation/progress photos. Not only do members thrive on positive feedback, but the success of others inspires and motivates them. By seeing proof that goals are being achieved by real people, fitness journeys feel more realistic. Members are also in the spotlight this way, which boosts their confidence and the retention of fitness clubs.
  1. Post company updates and important information. Social media is an owner’s saving grace for keeping members up to speed on what’s happening with their health clubs. Whether it’s specific holiday hours, special point of sale offers or weather updates, social media informs members instantly.

Builds credibility and member relationships.

Tweeting and Instagramming have become a way of life, so regardless of whether companies actively post on a daily basis, lack of social media activity can actually hurt a brand, so it’s better to maintain a presence. Most people hashtag their gym selfies and Instagram their salads, so it’s important to use common fitness hashtags and hashtags members use. Owners should engage with their members by liking, commenting on and reposting their content. This allows them to better understand their members, so they can more effectively market to them based on what they’ve learned about a specific individual, which is vital to healthy retention.


May Elliott is the social media & content specialist at ASF Payment Solutions. You can reach her at 303.914.2702 or may.elliott@asfpaymentsolutions.com


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