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Why the Micro Bar Should be a Studio Staple

Body Bar

For June E. Kahn, the founder of June Kahn’s Bodyworks and an IDEA World Fitness Instructor of the Year Award recipient, boasting fitness accessories that her clients enjoy using is a must. Here, she explains why her clients rave about Body Bar and its newest product, the Micro Bar.

CS: How were you introduced to Body Bar and why did you decide to partner with them? 

JK: While I have been aware of Body Bar and their products for years, I was first introduced to working with Body Bar in 2006. I have always been impressed with their products and programming and the high caliber of fitness professionals and educators they have always associated with. I was brought on board originally to assist in developing programming for their Senior Fit program with the Body Bar Flex. Our association developed into a partnership we have to this day.

CS: Within the various capacities of your partnership with Body Bar, how is Body Bar to work with?

JK: Body Bar is a joy to work with. They are a company committed to bringing a quality product to market to fit a need in the industry. Once that is established, then Body Bar works diligently and relentlessly to develop programming, reaching out to the best of the best in the fitness industry to create top-notch programming to support their products. I am most impressed with the loyalty, commitment and dedication Body Bar gives to those that work with them. Their goal is to deliver both a quality product that is affordable, versatile and applicable to the needs of fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike. And their customer service is impeccable.

CS: What are your thoughts on Body Bar’s newest product, the Micro Bar — how is it unique as a fitness product?

JK: I am quite fond of the Micro Bar. It has become one of the most-used products in my studio. The ability to offer various intensities and weight changes without picking up another light weight is its best feature. By just a quick change of a hand grip, you vary the intensity and load and I find there are options that are unique to this hand weight that can’t be used with another. It’s easy to grip, no bulky ends that might get in the way with a client with large hands. With the onset and rise of carpel tunnel syndrome, this product is a great fit. The wrist goes through full range of motion with less excessive flexion with a change of the grip.

CS: What programming have you applied to the Micro Bar?

JK: I own a Pilates studio. We offer Pilates Apparatus as well as Barre Fusion classes. For my studio, especially for our Barre classes, the Micro Barre is the perfect product. It eliminates the need for three different weight sizes as only one product is used, minimizing having to have so many pieces of small equipment for each participant. I am also a program developer for the fitness industry. In the Yoga Fusion and Active Aging programs I develop, the Micro Bar plays more than just the role of a light hand weight. It offers assistance in many postures, allowing participants to maintain and/or correct their posture and alignment. For Active Agers, it is a non-intimidating product.

CS: What do your studio clients think of this new product?

JK: The Micro Bar is their light weight of choice. I have basic light dumbbells as well as the Micro Bars. The Micro Bars are the only bars they choose to use. I think that says a lot.

CS: Why should other studio/club owners and operators consider having Micro Bar as part of their equipment?

JK: The Micro Bar should be a studio staple. It’s versatile — no need to buy so many hand weights. It can be applied to more than one discipline. It’s perfect for mind-body classes as well as group ex classes. As a studio owner, the best selling point for me is that it is so easy to store. They take up minimal room — and with studios having so many products to choose from, storage is a major issue. It offers more than just the aspect of it being a hand weight. It’s a great product that can be applied to many programs.

Use code BBCST18 for 10% off of the already-low Micro Bar pricing at www.bodybar.com/Body-Bar-Store/Micro-Bars.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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