5-HOUR ENERGY Can Generate More Revenue for Health Clubs

5-hour ENERGY shots

Looking for a great way to earn incremental income for your fitness center? Then offer 5-hour ENERGY® shots. 5-hour ENERGY is one of the leading impulse items on the market and is a great product line for fitness centers.

With 5-hour ENERGY your members will get the alert, energized feeling they need before or after a hard workout. You’ll get the brand recognition, high margins and marketing support 5-hour ENERGY is known for. It requires no refrigeration and takes little space. In fact, our three-tier rack holds 36 bottles but takes only about 35 square inches of counter space.

5-hour ENERGY’s blend of vitamins, nutrients and caffeine (about as much as a cup of the leading premium coffee) can help your members feel alert and energized before or after a workout. Plus, it has zero sugar and four calories, making it ideal for anyone’s fitness regimen.

And unlike bulky energy drinks, sodas, or coffee drinks, 5-hour ENERGY shots are light and portable – great for busy people on the go.


For more information, visit 5hourenergy.com or email Brandon@fivehour.com.

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