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TSG is a Comprehensive Software Program Trusted by Nitro Swimming


TSG, a leading revenue management solutions company with a strong presence in the global fitness and health club industry for more than 20 years, has been providing comprehensive customer engagement software, and billing and payments processing for clients across the industry.

Here, Tracy Koleber, the co-founder of Nitro Swimming, shares why she chose TSG and hasn’t trusted any other software programs to manage her facility since:

CS: How were you introduced to TSG and why did you choose them?

TK: When we first opened our business, we had bought a facility management software that was like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Shortly after, we basically ate the cost of that software, and went back to spreadsheets and word documents — we did that for a couple years. A couple years later, we got the bright idea to hire a developer and write our own software. Finally, when we were probably about $50,000 into that software, I called TSG and said, ‘Please rescue us!’

Since Fall 2009, we’ve been with TSG. I have such an appreciation for what it’s like to try and run a business with software that doesn’t fit what you need, and it is amazing. I felt like we immediately rose to a whole new level of professionalism, and that’s why I love TSG’s software.

CS: How has the partnership benefitted your business and your members?

TK: One of the things I love is a report we run that helps us track kids who have missed multiple, consecutive swim lessons, and gives us the knowledge we need to reach out to those families and let them know we missed them. One of our biggest concerns was being perceived as a business model where you sign up and nobody cares if you come, but still ding your credit card every month.

To combat that, we reach out on a weekly basis to families who have missed at least two consecutive lessons. I don’t know of any other swim school software that gives you that capability so easily, without you having to do a whole lot of data mining. The fact that we have features that make our lives easy make us look more professional and in control of what’s happening. Everyone loves hearing their names, but they also love knowing they matter. The customers know that we know what’s going on, and they know they matter.

CS: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with TSG in any way?

TK: We’ve used the software for so long now, there have been many pleasant surprises. But one in particular is the training database — any other software we’ve used or have seen on the market doesn’t offer the same level of training. That is so beneficial as we’re training new staff members. If something comes up and we’re not sure how to process it through the software, we can log into the training database and work on it without creating a huge mess for ourselves.

CS: What do you love most about TSG?

TK: I love the ease of the software, the viewability we have that makes it very easy to look at our schedule. We can look at everything all together, or set some parameters on it and pull specific classes we’re looking for. You can easily look at the schedule and see what your availability is.

CS: How would you rate TSG’s customer service and support?

TK: Neil [Uden] is amazing! When I look at all our business relationships, my favorite companies are the ones in which we have someone we work with whom I feel has a vested interested. We’re not just another client, and they’re not trying to just get through with our problem and push us aside. I appreciate the attention our account gets, and honestly, we don’t often have issues we need to contact support for anyway.

CS: Why should other club operators consider working with TSG?

TK: I think it is the most comprehensive software program to facilitate running any sort of sports or fitness business. The flexibility of what you can do in the software is greater than any other program I’ve seen. When you don’t have to manually manage and track stuff, and you’ve got a software that does it for you, it’s priceless.


For more information on TSG visit https://transactionservices.global/

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine. He can be reached at bobby@peakemedia.com.

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