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Helping Members with Common Gym Mistakes


Mistakes made at the gym are part of any fitness journey, and most of the time, owners are not even aware of what areas members struggle in. This typically results in lower retention and decreased payment revenue, so it’s crucial for owners to understand common gym mistakes and what warning signs to watch out for.

Here are some of the most common ones and how to help members avoid making these mistakes:

Not Understanding Their Bodies and Goals

Owners should talk with members at sign-up about their goals, and give diet tips or suggest personal training based on what could benefit them. To help members effectively address their goals, owners should also post diagrams, videos and images to social media.

Not Having a Plan

Lack of structure is one of the biggest culprits to gym attrition. Members who don’t have a plan typically wander around, and get on and off equipment quickly. Owners can fix this issue by helping members schedule personal training and group classes using gym management software.

Incorrect Form

To ensure members have correct form, owners can offer free group classes that demonstrate how to perform basic exercises like push-ups, planks, squats and lunges. Quick social media how-to videos that show basic movements also add brand value and help boost retention.

Doing Too Much Cardio and Not Enough Weightlifting

Many members make the mistake during the weight-loss process by running to lose fat. Although weight loss is relative and depends on a person’s body and goals, the general rule of thumb is usually the opposite of what people initially think. To prevent this, owners should suggest personal training or group classes that are strength training-focused. Posting different cardio workouts on social media also give members variety and value.

Using the Same Machines and Doing the Same Reps

Repetition oftentimes leads to boredom and a lack of results, which can lead to higher attrition. Owners can track attrition through software reports and detect if members are making this mistake. They can recommend personal training and encourage members to try different classes. When a club offers variety, members typically feel more inclined to mix up their routines as well.

Poor Diet

Poor diet is 90 percent of why members don’t see results and they don’t even realize it. This is often because members lack structure and don’t know what to eat. Personal trainers will not only give members structured workouts but will also help them form meal plans. Owners should post healthy food and cooking tips to social media.


May Elliott is the social media and content specialist for ASF Payment Solutions. Get in touch with her at may.elliott@asfpaymentsolutions.com or 303.914.2702.


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