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‘Must-See’ Companies of IHRSA 2019

IHRSA 2019

It’s that time of year again! From March 13 to 16, health and fitness professionals from across the globe will gather in San Diego, California, for the 2019 IHRSA International Trade Show. While you’re bumping elbows with fellow fitness professionals and checking out hundreds of products and services, use this “Must-See” guide to the top companies at this year’s show. And don’t forget to stop by and chat with the Club Solutions Magazine team at Booth #4220.

ABC Financial. ABC Financial’s comprehensive services include payment processing systems and advanced health club management tools, such as DataTrak, that allow gym operators to manage memberships, schedules, human resource functions and inventory control. Our cutting-edge technology is utilized by more than 7,000 health clubs across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

800.551.9733 abcfinancial.com sales@abcfinancial.com — Booth #3414

AccuroFit. AccuroFit amplifies the group training experience by motivating users to sustain physical activity through a fun and engaging platform. Capturing data such as heart rate, calories burned, training zone and intensity is proven to be attractive to SGT participants. Heart-rate monitors and wearable tech help each participant train at the right intensity based on their own body metrics.

877.409.0937 accurofit.com sales@accurofit.com
Booth #2446 & #2448

Aktiv Solutions. At Aktiv, we offer innovative solutions to help clubs and studios establish dynamic, safe and revenue-generating spaces. From our suite of high-touch new digital products designed to provide results-driven guided workouts, to our unique line of functional training tools and thoughtfully crafted storage and suspension training systems, our mission is to help you deliver an extraordinary exercise experience to your members every time.

888.895.0547 — aktivsolutions.cominfo@aktivsolutions.com — Booth #1905

ASF Payment Solutions. ASF Payment Solutions provides software, complete payment solutions and customer support to the fitness industry. Offering integrated software services, as well as flexible payment options, ASF Payment Solutions gives clients the ability to generate more revenue and build stronger fitness communities through member engagement and business growth.

800.227.3859asfpaymentsolutions.com sales@asfpaymentsolutions.com — Booth #3609

AV Now Fitness Sound. AV Now Fitness Sound offers Group X sound systems, sweat-proof wireless mics, aqua-aerobic sound systems, all-in-one portable sound and full club zone sound. All products are fitness-rated to withstand the demands of the rugged Group X fitness environment. Every day AV Now sound gear powers thousands of group exercise classes across the U.S. Nationwide installation available.

800.491.6874avnow.com — sales@avnow.com — Booth #3621

Club Automation. Club Automation brings the knowledge of club operations into the software industry, providing our clients with a sophisticated, comprehensive system to help increase revenue, reduce cost and engage customers. We believe our roots will continue to be the driving force as we pioneer to build the best club management software backed by a dedicated team of industry experts.

847.597.1740 — clubautomation.com — info@clubautomation.com — Booth #3627

Club OS. Over 3,000 fitness businesses use Club OS to simplify and streamline their sales, marketing and retention efforts across one or hundreds of locations. Cultivate prospect and member relationships with intelligent marketing automation, view in-depth reports, and elevate your sales team’s performance with scheduled follow-ups.

888.812.2158club-os.com hello@club-os.com — Booth #3916

Codelocks. Codelocks designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative, standalone keyless door and locker locks for organizations that need to control access. The products include push-button mechanical locks, digital electronic and wireless ‘smart’ locks that are easy to manage and can be operated using a keypad, card and smartphone.

714.979.2900 — codelocks.ussales@codelocks.us — Booth #717

Crunch Franchise. Get in on the gym floor of the fastest growing full-size fitness franchise. Crunch Fitness is rapidly expanding with over 300 open locations, commitments to open 1,000-plus franchise locations and over one million members worldwide. Crunch gyms, the originators of the “no judgments” philosophy known for making serious fitness fun, currently operate in 29 states and five countries.

800.669.7162 — crunchfranchise.com

Cryo Innovations. Cryo Innovations was founded in 2015 by CEO Keith Scheinberg with a commitment to health, healing and longevity through anti-inflammatory treatments and equipment. Cryo Innovations is proud to have developed the only chamber available that combines biometrics, thermal imaging, and eight-plus onboard safety features into one cutting-edge product.

949.627.8790 — cryoinnovations.cominfo@cryoinnovations.com — Booth #1004

Cryo Relief. Cryo Relief has been serving the fitness industry since 2010. Our expertise is educating gyms on how to monetize our equipment. The one area that always needs improvement is personal training revenue. Our equipment will aid in recovery time and recuperation and yield better results for your members. This inspires them to continue buying more personal training.

844.429.CRYO — cryorelief.netinfo@cryorelief.net — Booth #3757

Easalytics. Simply put, Easalytics connects data. Easalytics is a data visualization and analytics platform, which connects data from disparate mission-critical business systems, to provide real-time, actionable, synced information. The Easalytics reports provide the insight necessary to improve member acquisition and retention, revenue growth and marketing ROI. Schedule your demo today.

860.785.8051 — easalytics.com — michael.sansone@easalytics.com — Booth #4255

Epsilon. Epsilon helps many of the largest brands in the world get marketing results. We are a growth engine fueled by proprietary consumer data, artificial intelligence and fitness industry marketing expertise that is second-to-none. Equipped with digital marketing automation and attribution technology, we’ll accelerate your marketing performance and help you grow sales.

Epsilonlocal.comsales_team@epsilon.com — Booth #819

Evolt. Evolt 360, the “Uber of Body Composition,” is the world’s first intelligent bio scan. Giving you and your client access to their data at all times, with engaging analytic tools. Take your facility to the next level and learn how Evolt 360 can create another profit center in your club. 

205.532.7170 — evolt360.com — ethan@evolt360.com — Booth #605

Extractor Corporation. Founded in 1983, Extractor Corporation was created for the express purpose of developing an entirely new product. That product, the SUITMATE® Swimsuit Water Extractor, efficiently removes 95 percent of the water from a wet swimsuit in just seconds, without the use of heat. SUITMATE units continue to provide fitness clubs with a solution that helps keep facilities cleaner, safer and drier.

847.742.3532 — suitmate.cominfo@suitmate.com — Booth #957

Fit3D. Fit3D is helping owners make money and improve operational efficiencies. Fit3D is a great sales enablement tool that consistently helps convert curious prospects into new members. Our clients report that the visual nature of 3D body scans holds members accountable to their workout routines — reducing churn and increasing overall lifetime value of each membership.

650.275.3483fit3d.comsales@fit3d.com — Booth #1139

FitnessOnDemand. FitnessOnDemand™ allows facilities to deliver premium fitness programming using the most up-to-date technology available. Its innovative video delivery systems offer robust content and flexible audiovisual integration, along with a comprehensive web management tool that enables facilities to offer fitness solutions that optimize space and streamline operations.

877.474.0505fitnessondemand247.cominfo@fitnessondemand247.com — Booth #3141

GymValet. GymValet® is a holder specifically designed to attach spray bottles and towels directly onto equipment. Cleaning supplies can be positioned within arm’s-reach of every piece of equipment, better ensuring that equipment surfaces are cleaned/sanitized immediately before and after use. GymValet can save up to 95 percent versus cleaning with disposable wipes or paper towels.

216.378.4298 —gymvalet.combruce@gymvalet.com — Booth #1008

Ideal Products, Inc. Ideal Products, Inc. lockers are 100 percent made in the U.S. with 100 percent American-made materials and components. Our factory manufactures custom locker orders on a daily basis. We are aware of the special needs of each buyer regarding dimensions and storage capabilities. Health and fitness facilities of all types have need for Ideal Products’ various locker styles and configurations.

800.88.IDEAL —idealockers.com — Booth #2022

Jonas Fitness. Jonas Fitness provides all of the right tools to attract new members, boost retention and increase collectability. Our integrated software and payments platform is easy to use, allowing you to quickly check in a member, process payments, manage your staff and promote your business on any device. We offer a strong network of sister companies and streamlined security.

888.590.0026 — jonasfitness.comsalesinfo@jonasfitness.com — Booth #3015

JumpSport Fitness. Since 1997, JumpSport Fitness has led the industry in trampoline product design, comprehensive programming, instructor certification, customer support and fitness that’s fun. With JumpSport’s premium elastic cord performance, no-tip safety, space-saving stackability and low-maintenance — clubs strengthen client retention, inspire instructor creativity and deliver a low-impact workout.

408.213.2551 —jumpsportfitness.com  — info@jumpsportfitness.com — Booth #1125

KORR. With CardioCoach by KORR, you can offer VO2 Max testing, as well as nutritional assessments. In this data-driven era of fitness, CardioCoach is an investment in the gold standard. VO2 data will elevate a client’s improvement within every program at your gym. Be sure to stop by the booth and check out the latest model — CardioCoach MAX.

877.859.3007 —korr.comsupport@korr.com — Booth #1133

Les Mills. Global group fitness leader Les Mills inspires millions of people to get moving every week with its live, virtual, immersive and on-demand, world-class group exercise programs and unparalleled instructor training. Stop by booth 3835 to hear new 2019 industry insights, try Les Mills workouts and learn more about what a partnership can do for your business and your members.

844.LES.MILLSlesmills.cominfo.usa@lesmills.com — Booth #3835

List Industries Inc.® We have earned our slogan as America’s Most Complete Locker Line® by offering the largest selection of locker styles, materials, sizes, colors and functionality, all while maintaining our high standards of quality, customer service, packaging and on-time delivery. We offer metal, wood and plastic lockers, designed to serve the locker needs of any facility.

800.776.1342 — listindustries.cominfo@listindustries.com — Booth #3952

Live Oak Bank. Live Oak Bank has a team that focuses specifically on lending to fitness centers nationwide. They understand the complex nature of your business and capital needs. That’s why they built a straightforward lending experience to help fitness center owners get the money they need to reach their goals.

910.212.4952 — liveoakbank.com/fitnesscenters — angelo.medici@liveoak.bank — Booth #645

Markel. Markel’s health club insurance is designed with a full range of competitive insurance coverages and services that address the unique risks of fitness clubs and studios. With our 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry, our in-house staff of professionals is dedicated to ensuring your business benefits from the highest level of customer service.

888.245.3495markelinsurance.comdawilliams@markelcorp.com — Booth #521

Matrix Fitness. Matrix is one of the most trusted and recognized brands in the industry, loved by members, owners, trainers and service people alike. Visit the Matrix booth at IHRSA to experience the industry’s most robust product portfolio, including some new additions. Be the first to discover the game-changing Glute Trainer and more. 

866.693.4863 matrixfitness.com  info@matrixfitness.com Booth #2215

MINDBODY. MINDBODY software is on a mission to connect the world to wellness. Providing automated tools for marketing, scheduling, point of sale, payroll and more, we help businesses like you run and grow. MINDBODY also makes it easy for your customers to find, book and pay for your services with your own branded app, as well as a listing on the MINDBODY app.

877.755.4279mindbodyonline.com — sales@mindbodyonline.comBooth #1223

Myzone. Myzone displays real-time heart rate, calories and intensity with five color-coded personalized zones that can be displayed in group settings, or individually direct to your smartphone. Myzone amplifies the group exercise experience. It provides valuable data for personal training departments with built-in challenges, personal goals, gamification and an online social community.
312.870.4800 myzone.org — sales@myzone.org — Booth #3133

MXM. MXM combines 14 years of global leadership in CEM technology through Medallia, 37 years of experience in gym operations, and 7 years of fitness-specific customer experience management operations. MXM is the only company in the world that’s an expert at Operational Customer Experience Management Technology, coaching and education, and health club operations.

509.888.5636 mxmetrics.cominfo@mxmetrics.com — Booth #4123

Omni Fight Club. Omni Fight Club is North America’s premier fitness kickboxing, strength training and cardio conditioning workout. Omni Fight Club members train like a fighter, without getting hit. Our trained instructors will take you through 60-minute, high-intensity classes aimed at burning fat and increasing muscle strength. We don’t stop ‘til the bell rings! 

833.666.4348 — omnifightclub.com — Booth #4345

Paramount Acceptance. Paramount Acceptance is a software, customer service and billing company serving the industry for over 45 years. With over 1,000 positive reviews on Google, we pride ourselves on having the highest-rated customer service. From our dashboard reporting to industry-leading personal training software, our Pulse software system is uniquely tailored for the industry.

800.316.4444 —gymsoftware.com —  sales@paramountacceptance.com — Booth #3829

Perform Better. We offer our customers the confidence built through over 25 years of continuous growth as a supplier of quality, highly respected functional training equipment that is respected by coaches, athletic and personal trainers nationwide. We back this up with a knowledgeable service staff and a commitment to get it to a specified location on time.

800.556.7464performbetter.comperformbetter@performbetter.com Booth #1515

Polar. Polar is the innovator in heart rate monitoring, activity and sleep tracking, and GPS sports training solutions for elite athletes, coaches and active fitness enthusiasts. Our award-winning product range includes pioneering sports wearables that work elegantly with Polar training apps and cloud services.

800.290.6330 x 3077 — polar.com/club healthclub.division@polar.com — Booth #1927

Promotion Vault. Promotion Vault adopts a scientific method to improve your bottom line. Promotion Vault is an “Incentive e-Gift Card Platform” delivering full-service distribution of e-gift cards used as promotional incentives. We specialize in using your existing data, combined with e-gift card incentives, to unlock more revenue for your business.

480.278.8225 promotionvault.comzlucas@promotionvault.com — Booth #4115 

Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation (SFIC). SFIC offers general liability insurance for health clubs and studios, as well as personal trainers and group exercise instructors, in all 50 states and Canada. SFIC writes with all A-Rated carriers and is the Managing General Agent for Liberty Mutual Insurance for the fitness industry. 

800.844.0536 — sportsfitness.com — contactus@sportsfitness.com — Booth #1204

SURGE®SURGE® is the leader in Hydro Training equipment. At IHRSA, SURGE® will be previewing its newest Hydro Trainer, the HB25 Pro. This will be in conjunction with completely revamped education and programming. Visit the SURGE® booth at IHRSA to see its newest product, education and flagship product, the SURGE® Storm.

800.810.6528surgestrong.com  Booth #1845

TAG Digital Marketing. See greater results with TAG Digital Marketing, the leader in gym marketing since 1999. We offer everything you need for a comprehensive marketing strategy that will grow your business. Our experts focus on building and implementing a holistic strategy using SEO, paid search, social media, reputation management, email marketing and sales training to attract and retain new members.

407.398.6629tagdigitalmarketing.comsales@tbsworks.com — Booth #1012

TRIBE Team Training®. TRIBE Team Training® offers facilities a turn-key team training (SGT) solution with a proven business model, allowing operators to focus on the business metrics and know their members have a quality program. We provide world-class training (ACE, NASM, AFAA accredited) backed up with cutting-edge programs and on-going education. 

514.554.8580tribeteamtraining.cominfo@tribeteamtraining.com — Booth #TBD

TRUE Fitness. For over three decades, TRUE has been dedicated to building easy-to-use commercial fitness equipment that combines innovation with dependability. TRUE is a global leader offering unparalleled service and providing peace of mind to our customers at every step. Visit TRUE at booth 2833 at IHRSA to experience our comprehensive portfolio of cardio and strength products.

800.426.6570truefitness.com sales@truefitness.com — Booth #2833

TRX. TRX offers a full line of functional training equipment (anchoring, storage and accessories), world-class education, and comprehensive programming to help fitness facilities create profitable programs and spaces. This year, TRX will be launching its new line of turn-key programming (for group, SGT and PT), integrating Functional Training Tools, Suspension Training, TRX MAPS and more. 

888.878.5348trxtraining.comsales@trxtraining.com — Booth #1733

TSG. TSG empowers you with gym management software, integrated payments, and valuable services that help you connect with your customers and focus your energy on your passion. Our software was developed with valuable input from fitness professionals and is fully integrated with our payments platform that let’s your clients enjoy flexible payment dates.

855.202.2932transactionservices.global — sales@transactionservices.global — Booth #1915

Twin Oaks. Twin Oaks is your partner in profitability. Our web-based online software product delivers essential tools to generate and maximize revenue, save on costs, and directly improve efficiency. Bottom-line boosting features include real-time reporting, online join, a complete member portal and returns management — all designed by club owners for club owners. Visit our booth to learn how we can help you maximize profits. 

866.278.6750healthclubsoftware.com — Booth #2024

VersaClimber. VersaClimber uses the body’s natural primal upright movement pattern — providing the user a healthy spinal sway and alignment; a tight, fit and toned core; while engaging all major muscle groups, resulting in amplified fat-burning results. Now used in popular group training classes, VersaClimber motivates and inspires users in a fun, exciting group training setting.

800.237.2271versaclimber.cominfo@versaclimber.com — Booth #1233

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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