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Introducing Samson’s Newest AirLine Cableless Mic System


The Samson AirLine 99m AH9 Fitness Headset microphone system offers improved sweat resistance, 100-channel frequency agility, and is rechargeable. It’s made specifically for fitness instructors. In designing the Airline 99m, Samson put the new AH9 micro transmitter onto the longtime instructor-favorite Qe headset microphone to come up with a cableless mic system that has both a comfortable fit and enough available channels to work in most U.S. locations.

The AirLine 99m system features:

AH9 Micro Transmitter

Samson changed wireless-for-fitness with the original AirLine 77 AH1 headset-transmitter. The AH9 used in the Airline 99m is the next step. Like the original AH1, the AH9 transmitter is mounted directly on a Samson Qe headset, and eliminates body packs and cables. It has a 300-foot operating range, gain and mute controls, a battery life LED indicator and an eight-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

AR99m Micro Receiver

The micro-sized True RF Diversity AR99m receiver has 100 available channels for reliable wireless performance. It features easy setup with a one-touch scan for best channel selection and infrared setup to pair the transmitter with the receiver. A USB port on the AR99m receiver can be used to charge the AH9 transmitter.

Qe Headset Microphone

The AirLine 99m Fitness Headset system features the popular Samson Qe headset microphone, specifically designed for fitness instructors. The Qe uses a lightweight, double ear headset design with an adjustable strap, making it Samson’s best fitting fitness headset mic. The Qe’s condenser mic element provides clear tone, allowing your voice to be heard over program music.

For more information, call 800.491.6874, email sales@avnow.com or visit www.avnow.com.


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