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5 Ways to Grow Your Digital Business


The world of digital media is expanding rapidly, so much so that businesses that neglect digital marketing are falling behind. That’s why establishing and nurturing a strong digital presence is critical to growing your business. If you’re a fitness brand trying to grow your premium digital offering, check out these simple tactics:

1. Own Your Brand

The way your business is presented should be consistent on every level. Solidify comprehensive and modern brand standards — i.e. vision, mission, logo, imagery, typography, color palette and communication personality — for your business, and be sure each component is transparently presented on every consumer digital touchpoint. That way, when someone encounters a piece of your business, they know exactly who it is. Create a presence and own it.

2. Know Your Target Audience

It’s crucial to identify your target personas so you can confidently guide the direction of your online marketing plan. The secret is knowing your most active users and what drives them to use your service. Determine what their demographics, behavior, motives and restrictions are. This will ensure you’re targeting the right group of leads and your digital conversion touchpoints are resonating with them.

3. Convert with Digital Ads

Another step toward expanding your digital footprint is to execute ad campaigns through online channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google or YouTube. The trick of running a successful ad campaign is having the right contacts and data to back it up. This falls in line with discovering who your audience is by driving ads toward a highly targeted audience. Additionally, use thoughtful creative with a clear call-to-action that encourages your audience to engage and establishes
brand awareness.

4. Be Active on Social Media

Think of your social media business pages as testimonials for warm and cold leads. Consumers will naturally click-through to your social media pages from your website, especially the younger demographic of your audience. They’ll monitor engagement and visual presentation, making it important for your business to have a consistent voice and layout across all channels. This is a personable and organic way to grow your digital community. Just be sure you’re posting on a regular basis, and interacting with your audience when they leave comments and direct messages.

5. Use Video Marketing

Video is the sacred key to expanding your digital presence. This is especially relevant for fitness clubs because leads are more likely to convert after seeing a preview of workouts. Film your workouts and snip them up for social posts, digital ads, landing pages and your website. It’s not easy to produce high-quality video content, so it’s helpful to develop a thoughtful content creation plan before you decide to use video in your marketing strategy.

Keep in mind, the most effective online and digital marketing strategies take time and cannot be rushed — we all have to start somewhere though, right? Enhance your marketing strategy with each of these key points and watch your brand grow with your digital community.

Precious Gellada is the marketing coordinator at Intelivideo. She can be reached at precious.gellada@intelivideo.com or visit intelivideo.com.


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