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Why Investing in TRIBE Team Training Was the Right Move for Ridge Athletic Club

TRIBE Team Training

Small group training serves as a great addition to any fitness class schedule, and facilitates stronger connections between members and trainers. TRIBE Team Training, an industry leader in small group training, enables clubs to offer the most engaging yet intense workouts.

Here, professionals from Ridge Athletic Club, including Steve Roderick, the club’s owner, and Master TRIBE Coaches Leah Vogel and Jen White, share their experiences incorporating TRIBE into their fitness offerings:

How were you introduced to TRIBE Team Training and why did you decide to partner with them?

SR: I heard about TRIBE Team Training through my REX roundtable relationship. TRIBE offered a private brand with genuine goals built on exercise science and team building — it is great to be part of something like TRIBE.

TRIBE is very customer-centric — specifically, the support TRIBE provides to Ridge is exceptional. They’re highly responsive to our questions, challenges and requests for information on how best to improve and expand our teams.

The economics make sense — TRIBE can be duplicated through consistency, quality and dialed-in delivery of workouts by our TRIBE coaches. We had tried a similar format with our Ridge X program prior to partnering with TRIBE, with our trainers writing and executing the workouts. The challenge with that structure was the interest started to fade and it was very time-intensive for our staff to write dozens of workouts on a monthly basis and to keep the variety and the workouts progressing properly. We did not want to repeat the same mistakes and suffer from attrition. Our investment in TRIBE was the right move to build our small group training and excitement within our club of new and innovative offerings.

How has TRIBE enhanced your fitness offerings?

SR: TRIBE provides true support for our customers, trainers and the fitness business, plus the overall value within the industry is exceptional. Programmatically, it makes sense and the RAC has a genuine respect and appreciation for the TRIBE support team.

Make no mistake — there is a tremendous level of accountability that goes into investing, launching and managing the TRIBE program — it takes work. TRIBE helped us help ourselves to “level up” the quality and consistency of our programming.

LV and JW: TRIBE offers our members the opportunity to be part of a team (seven to 14 people) with a coach for six weeks of periodized functional training. This program offers accountability, camaraderie and intense workouts in several different formats. TRIBE has appealed to a wide variety of our members, regardless of fitness level. It is challenging yet fun, and the workouts are formatted in such a way that the member progresses individually at a safe rate. Through TRIBE, we have been delighted to see some of our most long-lasting member relationship created — and our coaches love the program too.

Why is it so important to offer such a results-driven small group training program to members?

SR: Each TRIBE Team, every season, builds on itself, with diverse and properly progressed and measured workouts. Team members receive real-time feedback through scripted workout assessments and challenges. Our team members are hungry to measure their progress with real-time feedback. Our coaches provide that and more. We use Myzone with each of our teams — the members love it. The members are addicted to their coaches and TRIBE.

TRIBE is affordable and a great option for members looking to invest in themselves. Many of the TRIBE members also cross-train with our coaches for one-on-one training sessions, so there is ancillary revenue growth that benefits our entire training team.

LV and JW: We have seen tremendous results in our members who have participated in this program from weight loss to strength gains, increased cardiovascular capacity and confidence. Many members of the teams have stayed together for many seasons, making it feel like a family environment. Our teams and coaches will attest to the TRIBE motto: One Unit, One Team, One TRIBE.

How would you describe TRIBE’s customer support?

SR: TRIBE offers exceptional, lightning fast customer support. They value our input as customers — and continue to listen and respond to our concerns, questions and challenges with specific input as needed. It’s like TRIBE is our club’s personal trainer — invested in our goals and successes on all levels, so we in turn can deliver the same exceptional, top notch experiences to our Ridge members.

Why should other club operators consider working with TRIBE?

SR: Our industry is built on relationships and the TRIBE product is damn effective. It’s comprehensive from all angles, right down to our Ridge members who invest hard-earned money season after season. Every person, from the coach to the member, is important, and the relationships continue to grow and strengthen season after season.

For more information about TRIBE, visit them online.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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