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Why Lifestyle and Habit Coaching Might Be the Next Great Revenue Stream for Your Club

lifestyle coaching

The signs (and science) are pointing to the fact that health and wellness are multifaceted and interconnected concepts that require more than just exercise and good nutrition.

Where we once looked at fitness through the simplistic lens of a “calories in, calories out” equation, today, both medical and fitness professionals agree: to drive true positive change and help individuals lead healthy lives, we need to adopt a wider perspective — one that includes not just exercise and nutrition, but habits and lifestyle changes too.

This paradigm shift, already establishing a foothold in the $80 billion fitness industry, can be seen in the multitude of consumer-facing, habit-building apps available today and countless businesses already flooding into the lifestyle space.

Do a quick Google search and among the more than one million results, you’ll see yoga instructors, holistic healthcare practitioners and personal trainers offering lifestyle coaching (not to be confused with “life coaching” à la Tony Robbins) as part of their services. Some even go so far as to add the newly minted title of “lifestyle designers” to their credentials.

What exactly are they offering? A holistic and comprehensive approach to helping their clients achieve their goals, one that includes the development of positive habits, setting and tracking of goals, and the removal of psychological blockers to success.

It isn’t just independent fitness professionals and coaches who stand to benefit from this new movement. By hiring in-house habit and lifestyle specialists, immersing their existing staff in habit and lifestyle coaching education and training programs, or collaborating with experts through remote contracts, clubs can adopt a 360-degree approach to member health and wellness, expand their offerings, open a new revenue stream, and lay claim on this emerging market segment.

Making it even easier for clubs to get into the habit and lifestyle coaching market is the proliferation of fitness technologies that support the development of healthy habits and lifestyles. While many are quite focused, some platforms offer a comprehensive approach, bundling habit and lifestyle curriculum with exercise and nutrition coaching to offer a truly 360-degree solution to clubs and their members.

Regardless of how they do it, fitness clubs have an unprecedented opportunity in front of them, to not only drive new revenue but also to redefine the way they impact member health and wellness.

Trainerize is a personal training software that empowers fitness professionals and fitness studios worldwide to reach, engage, and motivate people, to change their lives for the better. Trainerize is making fitness more accessible by connecting more people to fitness professionals who can help them workout, eat better, and improve their habits. By combining online workout and nutrition tracking, meal planning, client communication, and access to the world’s best fitness add-ons, Trainerize allows fitness professionals to focus on what they love to do most: train and motivate their clients.For more information, visit Trainerize’s website at trainerize.com.


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