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MXM’s Experience Suite — “Aligned Metrics”


Aligned metrics create consistency for understanding and comparing the common customer experience (CX) outcomes, location attributes, behaviors and skills required to deliver an exceptional member experience across multiple business models, price points, locations, journeys and touchpoints.

Journey: This refers to a single job the customer is trying to get done (purchase a membership, get in a workout or cancel a membership).

Touchpoints: These exist within a journey and reference any unique “touch” the company has with the customer (greetings or scheduling, etc.).

MXM Metrics Types

CX Outcomes

Metrics like NPS, OSAT, OE and value received for price paid allow you to compare the general experience between very different journeys in order to build alignment (purchase, onboarding, personal training and cancellation) and to tie together cascading goals from the top of the organization through every journey.

Our approach: We use at least one outcome metric in every survey.

Location Attributes

Customers pay to use facilities and equipment. Whether it is a general workout, studio visit, orientation or tennis camp, these metrics capture whether your equipment and/or gear is available, well maintained, functional and clean.

Our approach: We use location attributes when the customer’s usage of the facility, equipment and/or gear is essential to the customer journey. For instance, it is essential in the daily workout, but not when purchasing my membership.


Ultimately, our people add the soul to the club environment and the reason to build a relationship with a brand. Skills can also be thought of as human traits, like the tendency to be friendly and hospitable. But they can also be learned skills. Team members are hired, trained, educated and coached to engage in ways along different journeys that have members feeling welcomed, valued and listened to. This requires people to be friendly, approachable, willing to help and available. Skills metrics create clarity on how skillful you actually are.

Our approach: We use skills metrics on every journey and every touchpoint where human skill is a significant contributor to a happy customer.


In some journeys, we have very specific, defined steps we believe must be executed in order to optimize the experience the customer has in the job they are trying to get done. For instance, if I have never been a member before and I am coming in to join, then being greeted upon arrival, showing me around the club, recommending a membership option, and informing me of agreement details are likely to be essential behaviors. Behaviors metrics measure whether we did the activity or not. Skills metrics give richness to how well we did them.

Our approach: We use yes or no questions to understand the frequency with which essential behaviors are executed, and we only use them for unique journeys (purchase and onboarding, etc.).

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