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These days, everyone from executives, CEOs and entrepreneurs to professional athletes, famous actors and small business owners who seek to improve are hiring a coach for their guidance, leadership, strategy and the support only coaches provide.

In the past, the perception around coaching is one that might’ve been reserved for those who have a problem, or whose work ethic is in need of “fixing.” But now, it’s seen as a proactive measure. More companies and individuals view coaching as something that provides a competitive advantage to both the individual and company by creating outstanding leadership competence.

The fitness industry is responsible for creating the space and acceptance of having a fitness coach as a widely accepted role for anyone needing accountability to maintain their health goals — no longer just professional athletes looking for an advantage to excel.

Enter Balanced Habits™, a company developed within the fitness industry that understands the importance of having a coach to support all the roles within the organization they partner with. This up-and-coming company seeks to develop fitness club owners, managers, general managers and employees into their prospective roles.

This includes sales, marketing, nutrition counseling and program leadership, as well as execution of the community outreach opportunities they provide. Balanced Habits understands that in order to develop a department of nutrition, it requires a team of motivated and coachable employees.

Learn to trust your team. One of the toughest skills for an employee to master is trust. Employees often find comfort in being their own source of success and being solely responsible for both wins and losses. However, this is not ideal for the success of a company in a growth-centric stage. This is supremely addressed by Balanced Habits in the way they segment their coaching to specifically support each role for the company to thrive and ultimately develop additional leaders as the department grows.

Balanced Habits provides business coaching, sales and marketing coaching, nutrition/counseling coaching, and coaching for the entire team, ensuring everyone is aligned with the company mission, all speaking one philosophy of nutrition. This strategy enables the company to expand on their brand to ensure they are the 100% solution their community is looking for to guarantee results.

Balanced Habits is the leading nutrition-coaching program for consumers, coaches and businesses alike to reach their goals and live a higher quality of life. Balanced Habits supports businesses to develop significant non-dues revenue by creating a new profit center; allowing business to reach a much broader target audience than ever before. Contact Carolyn Fetters at 657.231.6779 or carolyn@balancedhabits.com.


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