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How JumpSport Fitness Helped Perspirology’s Client Base Skyrocket

JumpSport Fitness

Variety in your programs is a great way to keep members engaged, and trampolines from JumpSport Fitness deliver a wide variety lower-impact workouts that are intense and engaging. These are the perfect way to mix up your fitness offerings and give members a fun workout they’ll want more of.

Here, Katy Fraggos, the head trainer and co-owner of Perspirology, shares why she decided to add JumpSport Fitness trampolines to her facility and how they’ve been a perfect fit:

How were you introduced to JumpSport Fitness and why did you decide to partner with them?

KF: We found JumpSport Fitness through Instagram. For years, we had been wanting to expand our studio programming to include strategically formatted trampoline classes. We decided to partner with them because we believe their fitness trampolines are the best on the market and the perfect fit for our studio.

How has JumpSport Fitness helped enhance your offerings?

KF: Since we opened our doors in 2013, we have always wanted to offer a low-impact version of our dance cardio component. Once we expanded our studio to two floors, we were able to create a dedicated bounce studio to offer these trampoline classes, and our client base skyrocketed by the time the first summer came around. This lower-impact version of our classes proved to be just as intense, if not more, and gave our clients more variety from which to choose.

What do your members like most about JumpSport Fitness?

KF: Our clients love the pro models and the fixed handlebar attachment, in addition to the fact that they are just so fun to jump on. Many clients have purchased one for their home as well, since we offer an at home streaming service as well.

How would you describe JumpSport Fitness’s customer service?

KF: JumpSport Fitness’s customer service is nothing short of excellent. I can honestly say they care about their clients. We personally communicate with their team regularly, and they are always so helpful and easy to get in touch with when needed.

Why should other club operators consider working with JumpSport Fitness?

KF: JumpSport Fitness isn’t just a business looking to make money — they genuinely care about their clubs, and offer real solutions and helpful suggestions. Club operators know they won’t get the runaround with JumpSport Fitness.

For more information about JumpSport Fitness, check out jumpsport.com.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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