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Six Questions You Need to Ask Before You Choose a Hand Sanitizer for Your Company

hand sanitizer

There are two major concerns for business owners as they look to open their doors again. These include keeping employees safe and giving customers confidence in the additional safety measures being taken to promote a germ-free environment. An increasing number of major retail stores have instituted the mandatory use of hand sanitizer after every customer interaction, including the handling of cash, credit cards or items touched by customers.

This is likely to be the new best business practice standard as our country looks to reopen in the era of the COVID-19 crisis, but there are six questions you need to ask before you choose a hand sanitizer for your company:

1. Are you increasing your liability?

Hand sanitizer is an over-the-counter (OTC) drug that is required to be manufactured in an FDA-monitored facility. In a time when several  companies are jumping into the hand sanitizer business just to make a quick buck, many are throwing caution to the wind. We are talking about unmonitored production of a topically applied product with 70% alcohol. If manufacturers are not following FDA regulations, are you sure you want to take on that kind of liability?

2. Does the hand sanitizer label have an FDA drug fact panel and NDC number?

One of the easiest ways to identify a risky product is to look for a drug fact panel and an NDC number that OTC drugs (including hand sanitizer) are required to have. If it doesn’t, buyer beware — the product isn’t manufactured in an FDA-monitored facility and is not properly registered.

3. Is the hand sanitizer made in the U.S.?

There are so many products being made in China, India and other countries, and then being shipped to and sold in the U.S. Many of these overseas formulas are even relabeled after arrival, making it hard to identify where they were formulated.

4. Will the hand sanitizer you are choosing ultimately impact the productivity and health of employees?

We know 70% alcohol kills germs, but it is also hard on your employees’ hands, causing drying, cracking and discomfort. This can lead to reduced productivity.

5. Has this company made hand sanitizer and/or topical products before?

A lot of companies are jumping into making hand sanitizer who have never made it before, but product development takes time and testing to formulate and deliver a good product. Do you want your customers and employees to be used as a startup company’s research and development department?

6. Will this company still make hand sanitizer in three months? 

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing a lot of people into the hand sanitizer market who will have no long-term loyalty to manufacture hand sanitizer when the crisis slows.

Asking these questions will assist you as you choose the right hand sanitizer to keep your employees and customers safe.

Dan Naylor is the director of sales at Real Time Pain Relief and specializes in servicing business accounts needing a reliable source for hand sanitizer. He can be reached at dan@rtpr.com or click here for more details.


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