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Sports Solutions “Virus Kill” Spray Allows for Safe Reopening

Sports Solutions

As health facilities prepare to reopen, be sure to take extra precautions to ensure members and staff stay safe from the spread of coronavirus in your facilities. Unfortunately, hand sanitizer gels, and most disinfectant sprays and wipes are presently difficult to come by and delay times are long.

Sports Solutions, Inc. (SSI) has an FDA-registered laboratory producing, exclusively for SSI, Sports Solutions Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Hand Sanitizer Rub/Spray. This formula is approved by, and according to, the FDA and WHO formulations. It is 80% denatured alcohol, which is much kinder to skin, and the added moisturizing glycerin rehydrates skin from dryness.

Hydrogen peroxide is an additional disinfectant that kills germs in the deionized water. The formula is “water thin,” and can be sprayed, rubbed into hands or dispensed from SSI’s hands-free dispensers, trigger sprayers and magnetic locking spray dispensers.

The 80% alcohol in hand sanitizer breaks up the COVID-19 virus (and other viruses) in 20 to 30 seconds by destroying the outer membrane of the virus cell, which effectively kills the virus. Any sanitizer less than 75% alcohol kills bacteria, but is not considered a virucide. SSI chose to make hand sanitizer with 80% alcohol to ensure it effectively and efficiently eliminates germs and viruses.

When sanitizing hands, spray or pump a generous amount of hand sanitizer, and rub it into your skin for 20 for 30 seconds until it dries. Use it to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces daily in common areas — doorknobs, light switches, workout equipment, keyboards, desks, toilets, sinks, sink handles, refrigerator doors, microwaves, handles, copiers, personal electronics and clothes. 

You might also consider spraying the tops and bottoms of shoes when entering from outside. SSI suggests having dispensers available at every entrance and exit, as well as throughout the facility for easy access for everyone to use.

The CDC warns against rinsing or wiping off hand sanitizer before it’s completely dry. For all other surfaces, simply spray sanitizer on surfaces and let dry (spraying on wood surfaces requires those being wiped down quickly with a cloth).

Sports Solutions Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Hand Sanitizer Rub/Spray is especially easy and convenient to use. SSI makes this in gallon sizes, with four gallons per case. Dispensing is easy to use in refillable, labeled 32-ounce trigger spray bottles. Smaller refillable size bottles for individual use are available in limited quantities.

Check with SSI customer service agents for delivery times and quantities available to receive your order.

Since 1984, SSI has been consistently awarded as the “leader in the manufacture of quality and inventive formulations,” specially designed for the health and fitness club industries, as well as beautiful ways to present these amenities in clubs.

Let SSI be of assistance to secure your club’s safe reopening, and return of your staff and members.

Contact Sports Solutions today at 214.351.2834, 800.969.8008 or sportssolutionsinc.com.


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