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Benefits of Plate Loaded Equipment for Your Gym

plate loaded equipment

Gym and fitness facility operators are always thinking about equipment that gives them the best bang for their buck, while delivering a high-end quality product. Plate loaded equipment fits this criteria as it’s affordable, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and of premium quality.

The Presence of Strength in Your Facility

Plate loaded equipment symbolizes strength in your club — it emulates what power and brute really are. Nowadays, gym members are savvy with expectations of solid equipment that will deliver them results. Plate loaded equipment delivers aesthetically and functionally, giving your facility a look of cohesive strength across the board.

Low Maintenance

Gym owners will agree there is nothing worse than out-of-order equipment on the gym floor. Because of how plate loaded equipment is built, it is rarely inoperable because it is typically with only one point of flexion, and no pins or cables. Gym operators understand machines being down for maintenance means less equipment for customers to be on, and fewer happy customers on the floor. 

This can also give the facility the notion of not caring for its members or being irresponsible in taking care of the machines. Plate loaded equipment theoretically solves the maintenance issue, as it’s very rare for these machines to be out of order, resulting in machines operating consistently and happy customers.

Multiple Uses

You can recycle the use of your weighted plates by using them with other fitness equipment in your gym. They can be used with curl bars or Olympic barbells for squatting and deadlifts — not to mention some shoulder, chest and core exercises only require these plates.

A plate loaded chest press is a great alternative to buying additional free weights. The alternatives to a plate loaded workout machine do not offer the same level of value for the money, and do not lend themselves to other exercises like machines that use weighted plates. Rather, they force exercises that use pre-determined loads that are altered via a pin, resulting in less flexibility for the user.

At the end of the year, your accountant will tell you the return on investment (ROI) on plate loaded machinery beats most, if not all, other equipment. Gym operators must calculate how much time and focus will need to be spent on every piece of equipment in their facility. And good gym operators understand all the factors listed above need to be considered when purchasing gym equipment. In the end, a plate loaded series is one of the best solutions for a strength set in a facility.

Matteo Baker

Matteo Baker is the director of commercial sales at Spirit Commercial Fitness - Eastern Region. He can be reached at m.baker@dyaco.com or 310.980.5805.

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