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Own Your Brand


What kind of emotions and feelings does your fitness business brand elicit from employees, members and the outlying community?  

When you think about your fitness business and the brand you created, what is its impact on the people you serve?

A brand is so much more than a mission statement, logo or company mantra. It is the identity of your business. As a result, every action you take — especially in 2020 — needs to reinforce the value of that brand.  

Your actions as a fitness business owner or operator should align with what your brand stands for. This will help generate positive PR that is needed to reinforce gyms and health clubs providing essential wellness offerings.

As we run through a labyrinth of unknowns in 2020, what we know to be true is exercise is medicine. The fitness industry provides a preventative prescription for physical, mental and emotional health. 

Although much of the news is currently questioning the safety of gyms, you can redirect these stories differently to provide newsworthy coverage on how your club is elevating the fitness experience.

Owning your brand and believing in your brand will outshine anything the news is saying because your strongest influence is within your community. 

So, speak directly to your community. Be involved with your community. And put forth your efforts to bettering the health of your community during a time when the benefits of fitness are being dismissed by many.

Again, ask yourself: What kind of experience does your brand offer to the individuals you serve? Take it one step further by asking how experiences can be replicated while your doors may or may not be closed.  

Author Seth Godin said, “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

When you are able to create new experiences, you create new stories. And that’s what the press wants: a story.

Brooklyn Esposito

Brooklyn Esposito is the strategic relations coordinator for City Fitness. She oversees the Corporate Partnership Program.

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