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MOTUS CI Enhances CTV Ads With Household Targeting


MOTUS Consumer Insights (MOTUS CI), a leading analytics and marketing company, now offers Connected TV advertising on a household level.

Connected TV, or CTV, is content streamed through an internet-enabled television screen — often via an over-the-top device like Roku and Amazon Fire Stick — which sidesteps cable and satellite providers. While airing advertisements through CTV has existed for a decade, recent advancements in technology enable MOTUS CI to hyper-target specific households with promotions.

“Traditionally, CTV advertising has been out of reach for smaller club operators because of the cost to scale it across a trade area. MOTUS CI’s analysis can pinpoint a club’s most receptive prospect segments and directly deliver CTV ads to their households,” said Lyle Gadin, the vice president of client strategy for MOTUS CI. “Not only does hyper-targeted CTV increase engagement between fitness brands and high-value audiences, but it also maximizes marketing spend and ROI.”

MOTUS CI sees CTV as an opportunity to bring personalized fitness marketing to a growing audience base. By 2023, it’s expected that 82% of the US population will have a Connected TV in their home. Over the same period, 44% of homes will no longer have either cable or satellite services. “CTV is the future of television advertising,” said Gadin. “Trends show more and more homes cutting the cord on traditional TV services, especially among Gen Z and Millennials. Advertising by cable or satellite alone means missing a significant portion of younger audiences.” A study found that Millennials are 67% more likely to live in a CTV-only home.

As paid TV continues to decline, marketers are rapidly shifting their focus to CTV. In 2019, CTV advertising spend reached 6.94 billion. By 2023, that number is expected to soar to 14 billion. “While your competitors are still focused on saturation marketing tactics, now is the time to integrate hyper-targeted CTV into your marketing strategy,” said Gadin. “Our CTV advertising can connect your club’s message with high-value prospects directly in their living rooms, all while allocating marketing spend far more effectively than the club next door.”

To learn more, contact MOTUS Consumer Insights at motusci.com/contact.


Written by MOTUS Consumer Insights, the all-in-one analytics and marketing company. To learn more about how to win back members with data insights, visit motusci.com.

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