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Jonas Fitness on the Past, Present and Future of CMS: Episode 21

Jonas Fitness

There’s a reason it’s called club management software: without it, your operation just might fall to mismanagement. But what’s going on behind the scenes of CMS companies? Jonas Fitness reveals all.

In this episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast, Rico Francis, the president and co-founder of Peake Media, sat down with Tony Autin at Jonas Fitness. As the executive vice president of research and development, Autin shares about his history, the history of Jonas and how management software can help club operators.

Tune in as Francis and Autin discuss CMS acquisitions, the pandemic’s impact on management software, future trends and more.


  • Autin grew up in a small town with little-to-no technology and it was there he built a computer out of a box of parts.
  • Fun fact: Autin was the first to graduate from Louisiana State University (LSU) with this specific degree.
  • Eventually, Autin worked his way back to LSU and then found himself at InnoSoft – a management software for the campus recreation industry. And then Jonas acquired InnoSoft.
  • What does a day in the life of Autin look like at Jonas?
  • Why removing choices and options in the software industry might not be great for club operators.
  • In terms of buying decisions, think about who you want to partner with, how the company has treated customers in the past, etc.
  • During the pandemic, Jonas Fitness focused on its online experiences. Autin shares what that looked like.
  • Trending is member management and communication. Autin predicts features to be added to management software offerings, like message centers.
  • Jonas is building a long-term strategy with short-term contingencies.
  • Taking in feedback can be like drinking from a fires hose, but at the end of the day, water is good for you. 
  • There are secret projects in the works – Autin reveals some clues as to what solutions those are going to bring. Stay tuned via Jonas Fitness’ social media.

This episode of Club Solutions Magazine’s podcast is sponsored by Jonas Fitness, Inc.

Jonas Fitness’ club management software provides operators the right tools to attract new members, boost retention and increase collectability. Our user-friendly, integrated software and payments platform allows you to quickly check in a member, process payments and manage your staff. Jonas offers streamlined security alongside a network of best-of-breed software companies that provide our clients the flexibility to adapt to the needs of an evolving marketplace while maintaining the dependability and ease of use that are the hallmarks of our software suite. Learn more at jonasfitness.com.

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